Bommers, Irvine - Go-kartsBoomers is a family fun center in the city of Irvine and offers rides and games for the whole family. It ismainly geared towards children up to age 16, but older teens and adults can find a few rides and games to enjoy.

During our last visit we spent several hours playing golf, racing cars and trying to win a laser gun battle. 

The park has 2 go-kart race tracks - one for small children and the other one is for all ages. The main track is a good length and has many curves and sharp turns. The go-karts are mainly in good condition. The speed is just right for this type of track but some of the karts would hesitate at sharp turns and then pick up speed.

Bommers, Irvine - GolfThere were a lot of karts available so the wait in line was not too long. Small riders can try this exciting race with a parent or an older sibling in a 2-seater kart. The track would be much more fun if the attendants announced the winner of the race – to create more competition.

Local tip: You have to wear closed toe shoes (no sandals or flip-flops). If you have long hair plan on tying it before your ride.  

The smaller kids in your group can try “Lil’ Thunder Road” – a go-kart track that is just right for their age and size. They can ride by themselves while you are watching.

The miniature golf course at Boomers was lots of fun. It has 4 courses with a lot of green, water, castles and windmills. It could be a little challenging if you never golfed. The biggest challenge is when you hit the ball too hard and have to go hunting for it in the bushes. If it goes into one of the streams, you will have to go back to the ticket both and ask for a replacement. 

Bommers, Irvine - Bumper BoatsLocal tip: The best way to enjoy this fun center is to get a 4-hour pass ($30) which includes unlimited rides and $5 of video games. (Batting cage not included). 

Other fun rides are: Bumper boats; Rock climbing; Sidewinder; Flame thrower; King Arthur’s Carnival (spinning tea cups); and Batting cages. 

The last attraction we tried is the Laser Tag. The laser tag area is in the back of the video game arcade and usually there is a long line, but we lucked out. We went in with Bommers, Irvine - Laser Tagthe first group. It was smaller than other laser tag places I have been to, and very crowded. We still had a blast shooting everyone and everything in our way.

On our way out we spent some time playing video games. The arcade area is very large and has many new games, but the prices per game are very steep. A lot of the games are play-for-prizes games. You win tickets and redeem them for a cheap prize from the shop. Small kids love this idea and spend most of their time trying to win tickets.

Boomers is adding a new water ride area right next to the bumper boats. The new area will open this summer (2013). There aren’t a lot of details available yet, but I noticed several slides and tubes in the construction area. This addition will probably make the fun zone more attractive and a better destination for the whole family.

If you really love this place and live close by, try the season pass. For $50 you get 3 months of unlimited rides, video games, laser tag, golf and batting cages. 

Boomers, Irvine CA
Irvine, CA 
(949) 559-8341