Wherever I go, I am always on the lookout for new adventures. From the tame to the wild: skiing, 4wheeling (Off-road/ATV), surfing, Air Combat, Glider Rides, and Canyoneering, just to name a few. This section will provide information about all of those activities and more.

Here is a list of my favorite adventure activities and places in California. You may have to drive an hour or more to get to some of those locations, but they are worth the time and effort. See the specific pages for more details about those places.

null4wheeling (Off-road/ATV)

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Wild Adventures

Scenic Zeppelin Flight in Monterey

nullIf you've ever sat on a bench by the ocean, enjoying the salty air, watching the birds wheeling above, and wishing you could join them, then our Monterey Bay coastal Zeppelin flight is the experience for you! Fly high above Monterey Bay, Pebble Beach, Carmel by the Sea, and more on this scenic zeppelin ride in Northern CA! 

Zipline Catalina

A short boat ride away, you can visit Avalon in Catalina and try the Eco Zipline Tour. It is a thrilling experience with breathtaking views. Read about it here.

Air Combat

Experience what it's like to be engaged in real aerial combat. What a fun thing to do, flying over sunny California in a retro fighter aircraft - or over the Nevada desert. Three locations: Fullerton, San Diego, and Las Vegas. 

ATV and Dirt Bikes

Be a daredevil for a day and experience the California desert like never before. Choose from a variety of ATVs or Dirt Bikes. You can also find ATVs for the young ones. See the detailed article about My favorite places for ATV fun:

Airplane Tours

nullRelax in your seat and enjoy an aerial view of the most famous landmarks, cities, and beaches. Your expert tour guide will tell you everything you want to know about the views. 

Balloon Rides

This is a must, in my opinion. Nothing beats the feeling of floating up slowly and watching the land recede under you. The excitement grows as you gain altitude and your horizon expands. 

Bike Tours

nullIf you are willing to drive a little away from Anaheim, you can choose from several guided tours in the San Diego area. Some tours are geared toward young families, while others are more adventurous. My favorite is the La Jolla Plunge Bike Tour (mostly downhill).

Bungee Jumping Off Bridge To Nowhere

Imagine standing on the edge of a bridge with steep canyon walls rising above you. Looking down at the raging water ten stories below, you hear the encouragement of your friends standing next to you as the countdown begins. This is the ultimate thrill of bungee jumping in Southern California.


Imagine hiking up a mountain trail that parallels a deep canyon, where down below, you hear water flowing over the rocky canyon bottom. You reach a point where the trail crosses the stream. After donning your repelling gear, you descend alongside the waterfall and down to the canyon. You may have to swim or wade through streams.  

Glider Flights

After you go soarin' over California at California Adventure, you may want to experience the real thing. Here is your chance to soar over San Diego County. Set, relax, and enjoy your quiet  

Helicopter Tours

nullHere is another way to experience Southern California from the air. Take off from downtown LA and head towards Hollywood or enjoy a bird's eye view of the coast. If you are really adventurous, ask for your turn to fly the bird.  

Indoor Skydiving

Ever wanted to jump out of a high-flying airplane and experience the sensation of falling? Well, now you can experience most of the thrill of skydiving without the risks. You first take a quick skydiving lesson, get outfitted with your gear, and then jump into the vertical wind tunnel.

The wind pushes upwards, giving you the feeling of flying. Instructors are on hand to help achieve your flight. This is a family-friendly adventure. Bring the kids to enjoy their first flight. Read more here.

Jet Skis

It is like riding a motorcycle or an ATV but on water. Being on the water might be much more attractive on hot summer days than in the desert. 

Read about our Jet Ski to Catalina adventure here and Jet Ski in the Emerald Coast here.


nullThis is the ultimate in human flight. You get to wear your wings, give yourself a running start, then jump and soar using the wind as your only motor. This adventure is dependent on weather conditions, so call ahead to confirm that your flight is on. 


Step into an alien world and get close and personal with the creatures that live under the sea. Seaworld in San Diego is a great way to get introduced to sea life, but if you want real interaction take a snorkeling guided tour. One of the best places for Snorkelling is Catalina Island.


Learn surfing from the pros. Take a private class, group class or join a surf camp. Many locations to pick from including the world famous Huntington Beach. For beginner waves, head to Dana Point or San Clemente.

Rock Climbing

Another adventure that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can start by taking a class at an indoor climbing facility. Then head to one of the world's most popular rock climbing spots: Joshua Tree National Park

Ocean Fishing

Going ocean fishing is not easy when you don't have the right equipment. So leave to the pros to set you up with your gear and find the right location for you. Some of the best fishing can be had around Catalina Island, Newport Beach and Dana Point.