Disneyland - ready for HalloweenWhen visiting Anaheim, you are guaranteed to have fun. The obvious primary destination is The Disneyland resort area. This includes Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney and the Disneyland hotel.

You will need several days just to explore the Disney resort area. But if you have more time you can visit other attractions in the area like Knott's Berry Farm; Universal Studios and Seaworld.

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Read the more detailed articles about the Disney Resort included under this heading. They are full of information and tips that you can't find anywhere else. They also include links to special admission deals.

Once you have done the amusement parks or if you need a break, visit one of the great parks, play golf, play tennis, go hiking, explore the mountains or have fun at the beach - all in Anaheim or within a short distance from Anaheim. Find articles about those other places under the "Back to Nature" section.

Anaheimer Tip: You don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun in Anaheim. You can take the kids to a park or for a hike. You can go for a stroll in downtown Disney or at the Garden Walk.

List of Disney Resort articles: