La Jolla

nullThe city of San Diego and the greater San Diego County are home to beautiful beaches, popular attractions, hiking trails and many more adventures.

Many people come to the city to enjoy SeaWorld’s exhibits and shows or the world-famous San Diego Zoo, but there is much more to explore around town. 

You can spend days visiting the museums at Balboa Park, take a sunset dinner cruise in the harbor or climb aboard an Aircraft Carrier. 

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La Jolla is a little town on the outskirts of San Diego with nice beaches, hotels, golf courses, a state park and the famous University of California, San Diego. 

No one knows for sure where the name originated, but some say it means the place with holes – referring to the many caves and coves on the shoreline. Others say it means the Jewel. In either case is a jewel on the beach and it is full of caves and coves – making it a very interesting place to visit and explore.

Interesting Facts: The Birch Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla is the largest oceanographic museum in the country.

La Holla Shores

nullOne of the most popular destinations in La Jolla is La Holla Shores beach. It is a one-mile stretch of sandy beach that is always crowded with sun worshippers, swimmers and kayakers. 

While at the beach you can rent bikes

Tip: Alcohol is not permitted on any of San Diego beaches. So leave your beer behind.

At the south end, you can find the La Jolla Underwater Park – a popular place for divers and snorkelers. 

To the north, you will find the Scripps institute Birch Aquarium, Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve and Black’s beach.

Torrey Pines State Natural Preserver

nullA 2000-acre stretch of coastal cliffs and a lagoon protected by the State with stunning views of the ocean and challenging hiking trails.

It is also home to the Gilder Port from which you can watch gliders launch above the cliffs and the waves. If you dare you can join a class and learn how to fly.

Right next to the glider port and slightly to the north you will find a very steep trail with hundreds of steps down to the beach. The hike very invigorating, but remember that you have to climb back up those steep steps. 

Another difficult but short hike is the “High Point” trail. But the view from the top is amazing. You can a panoramic view of the preserve and the lagoon. 

For an easy hike, try “Guy Fleming Trail”. It is less than a mile with mostly level ground and 2 overlooks with great views.

Black’s Beach

nullThis is a secluded stretch of beach under the Torrey Pines cliffs. The northern end of the beach is run by the State and nudity is tolerated in that area. While the southern end is run by the city of San Diego which enforces a strict no-nudity law. 

The beach itself if very beautiful and uncrowded, but getting down from the parking lot is a chore. You would have to climb down steep ramps or steps.

In spite of the difficulty, it is popular with surfers and naturalist.

La Jolla Cove

nullA beautiful cove and beach with a nice path for walking and viewpoints to gaze at the waves and the sea lions. 

The cove is also right next to the underwater park with clean water and plenty of sea-life for snorkelers and divers.

The surf can get rough in this cove. There are a lot of warnings to swimmers, but most people ignore them. If you are comfortable swimming in the ocean you should be ok.

Several rental places are close by. You can rent snorkels, kayaks and wetsuits and spend some time exploring the underwater park. A wet-suite is highly recommended because the water is usually cold.

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Across the street from the beach area, you can find many hotels, stores and restaurants. George's Ocean Terrace offers a high-end dining experience with great ocean views. 

Closer to the cove you can dine at Brockton Villa Restaurant. This place is famous for their brunch, especially the French toast. The view from the patio is breathtaking.