City Walk

iFly - Skydiving

iFly Skydiving - Universal City WalkWhen I decided to go skydiving in Hollywood I did not expect to come back with sore muscles. Skydiving turned out to be a real workout and a great thrill.


Universal Studios Hollywood

nullDuring my latest visit to Universal Studios I learned a lot about how movies are made and had a great time doing it.

When my family and I decided to go on a Sunday morning the temperature was expected to reach 95 degrees and we were debating whether to go or stay at home in the pool. I am glad we decided to go.

In spite of the high temps, we had a great time. Universal created an environment in which high temps will not be a hindrance to having fun. There is a lot of shade everywhere and a lot of fans blowing cool and wet air (mist). It feels like they created their own weather.