Orlando Fun

Disney World Orlando - Pixabay by eduneriOrlando is considered the Theme Park capital of the world with 13 major theme parks and a few more adventure destinations.

You can spend days at Disney World parks, or visit Universal and Sea World. 

Less than an hour away, you can learn about NASA’s history and achievements at the Kenny Space Center in Cocoa Beach.

Disney World Water Parks

Disney World - Typhoon Lagoon and Mount Mayday - Surf Pool - Wikipedia by JZ85Within Disney World’s sprawling complex of theme parks, you will find two Water Parks, each with a distinct personality.

Imagine a hurricane whipping through a tropical island, destroying homes and throwing wrecked ships on top of mountains. Then add slides, waterway, and geysers to come up with this wild wet fun place designed by Disney.

Epcot, Disney World

Disney World - Epcot - Spaceship Earth - at main entranceEpcot is the most unique theme park in the Disney World collection with rides, exhibits, and shows you can’t find in any other Disney property.

The park is a permanent World’s Fair with a Disney flair. As you enter, you are presented with Spaceship Earth, a huge sphere you walk into and ride through human history.

On either side of Spaceship Earth, you will come across Future World (East and West sections). The exhibits demonstrate the latest technologies and allow visitors to interact with hands-on experiments.

In the West section, the Land Pavillion is a showcase of human interaction with mother earth. Visitors here can enjoy the flight simulator ride Soarin over the World and a ride through innovations in agriculture. 

Disney World, Florida

Disney World - Sleeping Beauty Castle - from WikipediaDisney’s collection of Theme Parks, hotels, and shopping centers in Orlando, Florida is a world on its own. The property covers 25,000 acres nestles in the woods around Lake Buena Vista with its own roads and transportation system.

Walt Disney decided to build his expansive new resort on the east coast and went hunting for the location. He picked this area because it was mostly empty and close to the intersection of the four freeway and the Florida Turnpike.