Brea Improv

Brea Improve Entrance - By James - FlickrWho doesn’t like to laugh? If you love comedy, the Brea Improv is a good place to bust your gut.

I recently went with my wife to watch a specific comedian, but we were surprised by the long lineup of acts – both local and visiting.

The Brea Improv has a 500-seat showroom with a nice theater for the performers. The back wall is electronic and can adapt based on the show.

The performers covered a variety of comedy styles. Most were amazing and made the room erupt in laughter continuously. A few were not so successful but we encouraged them for trying.

Orange County Dining

OOrange County - Huntington Beachrange County is a sprawling metropolitan area and part of the much larger Southen California urban jungle.

This expanse of 50 cities and unincorporated communities is full of Attractions, Theme Parks, restaurants, and unique dining experiences. This article explores the unique dining experiences and exceptional finds in the OC.


Yosemite National Park - The Mist Trail - Vernal FallsCalifornia is the most populous state in the USA with close to 40 million residents, but outside of major urban areas, you can find large areas of pristine nature and lots of adventure to be had.

My home state is also a magnet attracting new residents and millions of visitors every year. The mild climate year-round, long sandy beaches, and snow-covered mountains make it an ideal place to live and work (mostly).

The one thing that repels some people away from California is the traffic. It is unbearable in the major metropolitan areas. So, if you plan to live here, stay away from city centers and work close to home.