Sedona Vortex Tour

Sedona - Rachel's Knoll - Vortex Tour  Many residents and visitors swear they encountered UFOs, Aliens and other strange events in Sedona. I myself did not experience any of the above, although I was more than willing.

The Sedona mystics claim there are magnetic vortices running through the area that give it an otherworldly significance.

Although I am a skeptic, I do have an open mind, so I decided to go with Safari Jeep Tours of Sedona on their Vortex Tour.

Sedona Take Two

Sedona - Oak Canyon - Cathedral RockWhat the heck? You want to take me to the desert? What kind of vacation is that?

That was my wife’s first reaction when I said let’s go to Sedona, Arizona. I quickly explained that yes, Sedona is in the middle of the desert, but it is much more than desolate landscapes and sand.

That was last year. This year my wife was very excited to revisit this wonderful desert oasis. 

Last year, we drove through familiar California towns, palm trees, and windmills. And in Arizona, we encountered stark rock formations, rare lonely bushes, and a ferocious sandstorm. This year we decided to fly into Phoenix and drive for one hour and a half to Sedona.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona - Oak Canyon - Cathedral RockSedona and the valley surrounding it is perched at a 4500 feet elevation, which makes it much cooler than the Arizona desert. The valley is so hospitable to life, it attracted the attention of prehistoric people and natives since 11,500 BC. 

Today, it is a thriving tourist town and retirement community with many resorts, shops and restaurants. The tranquility of the scenery, beautiful red rocks and lush greenery attracts tourists from around the world.