La Jolla

San Diego - La Jolla ShoresLa Jolla is a little town on the outskirts of San Diego with nice beaches, hotels, golf courses, a state park and the famous University of California, San Diego.
No one knows for sure where the name originated, but some say it means the place with holes – referring to the many caves and coves on the shoreline.

Historic Trolley Tour

San Diego - TrolleyOne of the best ways to explore the city of San Diego is by taking the historic old town trolley. You can jump on and off the trolley at any of the 10 stops throughout the day.
Along the way, the driver will share with you interesting San Diego history and tips about places to see and things to do.

California Adventure

Disney California Adventure - Paradise PierCalifornia Adventure opened its doors on February 8, 2001. It is a totally separate theme park from Disneyland, but they both reside within the Disney Resort complex. The park has 8 distinct lands, each land represents various aspects of California, its culture, landmarks and history. It is home to Disney’s only real rollercoaster, a must see hang-glider ride and a unique Ferris wheel.