Tuna Canyon Hike

Tuna Canyon Park - Hike - Santa Monica Bay ViewTuna Canyon Park is a sprawling 1,255-miles preserve in the Santa Monica mountains – in between Topanga and Malibu. The hills and canyons in this park are covered with sagebrush, wildflowers and a sprinkle of Oak trees.

Many trails crisscross through the park, but most of them are hard to find – making them some of the least visited trails in Los Angeles. If you want to avoid the crowds, this is the trail for you.

Philadelphia Fun

Philadelphia One Liberty Observation DeckPhiladelphia is famous for the historic events that led to the forming of the United States of America. This is where the founding fathers declared independence and later signed the constitution.  Many visitors come here to relive those momentous events and walk in the footsteps of giants.

But Philly is much more than a window on the past. Today’s Philadelphia offers a lot of food, culture and entertainment. A visit to this city is not complete without trying the variety of Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, visiting a museum or catching a symphonic performance.

Golden Gate Park

nullIt is one of the largest urban parks in the US. It rivals New York’s central park in size – around 1,017 acres of multi-use lush land. The park is full of fun and activities for residents and visitors. 

It sits on the western end of San Francisco and provides a lot of attractions and activities for locals and visitors.

The park is home to the famous Conservatory of Flowers and Japanese Tea Garden, lots of playgrounds, lakes, picnic areas and sports venues.

At the west end of the park you can find an authentic windmill that was actually used to irrigate the parklands. Next to the windmill, you will find Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden – a perfect match to the windmill.

La Jolla


La Jolla is a little town on the outskirts of San Diego with nice sandy beaches, coastal cliffs, hotels, golf courses, a state park and the famous University of California, San Diego. It is also famous for the La Jolla Cove and Caverns. 

The nearby city of San Diego and the greater San Diego County are home to beautiful beaches, popular attractions, hiking trails and many more adventures.  Read the full San Diego review here.

Historic Trolley Tour

nullThe city of San Diego and the greater San Diego county are home to beautiful beaches, popular attractions, hiking trails and many more adventures.

Many people come to the city to enjoy SeaWorld’s exhibits and shows or the world famous San Diego Zoo, but there is much more to explore around town. 

You can spend days visiting the museums at Balboa Park, take a sunset dinner cruise in the harbor or climb aboard an Aircraft Carrier. 

Sea World San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego - Dolphin DaysSea World is the only park in which you can get up close and personal with sea creatures and get an education while having fun. You can meet the Orcas (killer whales), watch the Dolphins play their tricks, visit the sharks in their natural habitat, go to the North Pole on an icy safari and peek at the Penguins – and you get all that fun for a bargain.

Orange County Great Park

OC Great Park - by Daniel MillerAfter the closing of El Toro Marine base in 1999 a great debate erupted in OC. What to do with the huge real estate vacated by the marines? Some wanted a new airport, others preferred more urban sprawl, but the forces of nature won. Now we have the Orange County Great Park.

Salt Creek Beach

Salt Creek

Salt Creek Park is located in the city of Dana Point, about 40 minutes from Anaheim. This beach is unique for several reasons: It is a long stretch of beaches (around 18 acres); It borders one of the luxury resorts (Ritz Carlton); It has a beautifully landscaped hill overlooking the beach – with picnic areas; It has a very good food stand, and it has an easy hiking trail.

You can enjoy this beach in any season. During colder days, take your breakfast/lunch with you, stake out a picnic area on the grass (or one of the marble tables)