Yosemite National Park - The Mist Trail - Vernal FallsCalifornia is the most populous state in the USA with close to 40 million residents, but outside of major urban areas, you can find large areas of pristine nature and lots of adventure to be had.

My home state is also a magnet attracting new residents and millions of visitors every year. The mild climate year-round, long sandy beaches, and snow-covered mountains make it an ideal place to live and work (mostly).

The one thing that repels some people away from California is the traffic. It is unbearable in the major metropolitan areas. So, if you plan to live here, stay away from city centers and work close to home.

Golden Gate Park

nullIt is one of the largest urban parks in the US. It rivals New York’s central park in size – around 1,017 acres of multi-use lush land. The park is full of fun and activities for residents and visitors. 

It sits on the western end of San Francisco and provides a lot of attractions and activities for locals and visitors.

The park is home to the famous Conservatory of Flowers and Japanese Tea Garden, lots of playgrounds, lakes, picnic areas and sports venues.

At the west end of the park you can find an authentic windmill that was actually used to irrigate the parklands. Next to the windmill, you will find Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden – a perfect match to the windmill.

Fisherman's Wharf 

nullAs you walk west from Pier-39 you will start seeing bike rental shops, gift shops and several fleets of cruise ships. Keep going until you see the famous seafood street vendors where you can get your fill of fresh crab sandwiches or clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. If you like your dining a little fancier, check out the restaurants right on the docks. 

Pier 39 - San Francisco

nullPier-39 is a must-see attraction in the city of San Francisco. The pier is a nice walk on the waterfront with many shops, restaurants and attractions.  

You can just walk around through the main walkway and enjoy the bustling activity or you can stroll along the outside pathways with a great view of the bay, Alcatraz and passing cruise ships. 

Deeper into the pier, you can get the “7D Experience" - a roller-coaster, 3D movie, laser tag experience all-in-one.

San Francisco

nullI love San Francisco! Nature and human ingenuity came together to make this a wonderful place for visitors and residents alike. 

San Francisco sits on a beautiful bay, surrounded by water almost in every direction. Tall modern buildings fill the skyline at the center while Victorian buildings of every size and shape adorn the surrounding neighborhoods.