Petra, Jordan

The lost city of Petra was founded by the Nabataeans in 321 BC as the center of their trading empire. Although the Nabataeans were nomadic in nature, they managed to use their trading wealth to build this amazing city into the rocky mountains.</p>

Middle East

Jordan - PetraI was born in Syria, lived in Kuwait and Immigrated the Unites States. My wife is from Jordan and my mom from Palestine. My sister lives in Tunisia and my cousins in Dubai. 

I also visited Turkey, Bulgaria, Check Republic, Italy, France, Spain and Holland.

My adopted country is America and my home state is California, USA. 

So you can say a piece of me lives in every corner of the world and hope to visit all those corners during my lifetime and write about them.

Jordan - The Desert Kingdom

nullJordan, throughout history was a crossroad between east and west. Ancient roads through the desert connected civilizations like the Greeks, Nabataeans, Romans and more recent states like the Umayyads and the Ottomans.

In modern days, Jordan still strives to connect western style economy and culture to more traditional Arab and Muslim values. The result is an eclectic melding of cultures that makes this desert kingdom unique in the world.