Marine life cruise by Ocean Institute

Ocean Institute - Marine Life Cruise - DolphinsI really love dolphins and am always looking for a way to get close to them. I went on several dolphin and whale watching cruises in California, but I especially enjoyed my latest trip with the Ocean Institute of Dana Point.
The highlight was a trip on the R/V Sea Explorer, a 70-foot marine science research vessel, to visit the dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. 


Catalina Island

nullCatalina Island is a short boat ride from Los Angeles or Orange counties, but very far off in ambiance and charm. You can very easily forget you are in California and let your imagination take you to a Mediterranean Island. 


Whale and Dolphin Watching

Whale and Dolphin Watching - Ocean ExplorerEvery year the Whales make their journey between Alaska and Baja California. Along their migration route they pass by Southern California and thrill onlookers with their magnificent breaches and water spouts.

Several species of Whales pass by our shores but the two most common are the Giant Blue Whales and their relatives the Gray Whales.

The best way to admire those whales and their cousins the Dolphins is to take a boat cruise from one of the port towns along the coast.