Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo - Zebra Following the adrenaline-fueled ascent of Diamond Head, the Honolulu Zoo offered a serene counterpoint, inviting a leisurely exploration amidst the marvels of the animal kingdom. 

Positioned on the fringe of Waikiki, this zoo serves as a vibrant portal into the diverse wildlife inhabiting the tropics and beyond, all set against the verdant tableau of Hawaii's landscapes.

The zoo unfolds as a meticulously curated journey across varied habitats, each designed to educate and captivate its visitors. 

From the expansive African savanna to the dense foliage of the tropical rainforest, every habitat provides a window into the daily lives of its residents. 

The bird sanctuary, a riot of colors and sounds, stands out with its exotic inhabitants from across the globe, offering a symphony of calls and a visual feast of plumage that dazzles the senses.

Edfu Temple, Egypt

Egypt - Edfu Temple

After two days in Luxor and after crossing the Esna Locks, we stopped at Edfu to visit the most well-preserved temple in Egypt, the Temple of Edfu.

This temple is near the cruise ship port, so we went on a horse carriage (locally called calèche) to reach this beautiful temple. When we reached it, we were greeted by hundreds of carriages lining up at the entrance.

The Temple of Horus at Edfu was built over a period of 180 years during the Ptolemaic Kingdom and is dedicated to the falcon god Horus. It is a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian architecture, and its walls are covered in intricate hieroglyphics and reliefs.

Jordan - The Desert Kingdom

nullJordan, throughout history was a crossroad between east and west. Ancient roads through the desert connected civilizations like the Greeks, Nabataeans, Romans and more recent states like the Umayyads and the Ottomans.

In modern days, Jordan still strives to connect western style economy and culture to more traditional Arab and Muslim values. The result is an eclectic melding of cultures that makes this desert kingdom unique in the world. 

Another great attraction for visitors is the political stability in Jordan. The Kingdom is one of the few Arab states that remain peaceful and inviting. Another big attraction is the temperate weather. It is not as warm as the Gulf States and not as cold as most of Europe. 

Paradise Gardens Park

nullThe Disney Resort is practically in my backyard. Throughout the years we learned a lot about Disney’s parks, hotels, shopping, and restaurants. In these pages, we will share our knowledge with you.

​Paradise Garden Park takes you back to the days of seaside carnivals with thrill rides, parlor games, and fast food.

This area surrounds a large lake where the “World of Color” show plays.

Mt Rainier Revisited

In 2023, my wife and I came back to Mt Rainier on a self-guided tour to discover more wonders.

nullWe headed south and drove for about 2 hours and a half to reach the Nisqually Entrance.

Along the way, we stopped at Rocky Point on Alder Lake to admire the view and grab a few photos.

You can usually capture some great photos of Mt Rainier from this point, but today was a cloudy day with a chance of rain, so we didn’t glimpse Mt Rainier until much later.