“O” a Cirque Du Soleil Show This is not your average circus act. From the first opening moment of the show, I was enthralled with the man-made lake on the stage and the enchanted creatures that lurk in every corner. 

Cirque Du Soleil has many shows in Las Vegas and around the world, but I think they surpassed their own fame with this extraordinary show performed at the Bellagio. 

“O” a Cirque Du Soleil ShowLike any circus act, it has its share of high-flying acrobats, contortionists, balancing acts, gravity-defying swings and clowns. But “O” manages to merge those traditional acts with the exotic element of aquatic magic to produce something totally new and awe-inspiring. 

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Along with the usual cast of characters, the show had synchronized swimmers dancing in the lake and divers“O” a Cirque Du Soleil Show jumping from extreme heights.

The strangest thing is that sometimes the swimmers and divers jump into the lake and never come back out. I wonder if there are secret passages underwater for the performers to sneak through. 

The lake, which is the center of activity for the majority of the acts, is deep enough to allow extremely high dives. But on occasion, the lake totally disappears to be replaced by hard stage for some of the acts. 

My favorite acts were the fire and water scene and the flying ghost ship. “O” a Cirque Du Soleil Show

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During the fire act, performers spin the flames around, jumps through rings of fire, set another man on fire and then spray the flames over the lake. The flames were so intense we could feel them in our seats. 

In the ghost ship act, the haunting ship sails on air above the lake while a group of performers trapeze around the ship that swings precariously.  

The clowns kept us entertained, and in some cases laughing hard, in between acts. I usually don’t enjoy clown acts because they are overly silly. Those clowns were more subdued with a lot of innuendoes.

Unlike many Las Vegas shows, this one is appropriate for all ages. If you are planning on watching any shows during your visit, I highly recommend it for the whole family. But be prepared to pay a high price. 

The cheapest seats are around $100. If you want an excellent view, you will pay up to $250 per adult. If you plan ahead you may be able to find discounted tickets.

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