nullAbsinthe show is set in a big tent outside the main entrance to Caesar’s Palace. This is very appropriate because the show is basically a circus for adults. 

The cast will thrill you with their acrobatic feats and high wire balancing acts while making fun of everyone and everything.  Oh! And don’t forget the scantily clad athletes. You can’t have a Vegas shows without some revealing attire. 

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Along with the crazy stunts, you will enjoy the X-rated humor and a lot of F* and S* words sprinkled in. If you are squeamish or easily offended, you probably shouldn’t go to this show.

The good thing about this circus tent is that it is not too big. So no matter where you are seated, you will still enjoy the show. The first few seats are too close to the action – sometimes under the action. Also, the performers like to pick on the people in those seats. Be warned! If you have a choice, try to get the seats at the end of every row. You will have a little more room and you get to the bar or the restroom much easier.

All the acts were entertaining, but my favorites were the roller-skating couple and the group of male gymnasts. 

nullUnlike many Las Vegas shows, non-flash photography is allowed. The trick is to capture the action in the dark. Not easy to do.

If I have anything to criticize about this show it would be the racial jokes. I know it was all done with humor in mind but I don’t think the targets of this humor enjoyed it too much. 

Barring that little criticism, I highly recommend this show to all adults who would enjoy the great acrobatics and the raunchy humor.