nullJordan, throughout history, was a crossroad between east and west. Ancient roads through the desert connected civilizations like the Greeks, Nabataeans, Romans, and more recent states like the Umayyads and the Ottomans.

Read the main article about Jordan in general and the capital Amman here.

A 2-hour trip from Amman will take to this city perched on top of the highest hills in Jordan with an intact fortress from the Crusades era.

Ajloun (Ajlun) is a northern town close to the borders of Syria and Palestine (Israel). Due to the elevation, Ajlun is always cooler than the rest of the kingdom and the hilltops are covered with forests – a rare view in Jordan.

nullAs you drive up the winding roads through the mountain you will start getting glimpses of this magnificent fortress atop one of the highest peaks. The fortress was built by one of Saladin’s commanders to protect the country against the advance of the Crusaders. Read more about Ajloun's history here.

Once you pay the fee and enter the fortress you can explore on your own. Climb every set of steps and enter every room. One of the rooms hosts a small museum with some artifacts from the various time periods of the region.

Make sure to climb all the way to the roof for a commanding view of the town of Ajlun, the Golan Heights and the West Bank. 

nullThe town of Ajlun is famous for its flatbread. Stop at one of the bakeries and order a loaf or two. The loaves are huge and very tasty - best eaten with goat cheese or yogurt cheese (Labaneh). 

While at Ajlun you can stay at the Nature Reserve and go on guided hikes. You can rent cabin tents with a fridge, kettle, shower with hot water and an oil stove. The hikes are strenuous. You should be fit and wear proper hiking boots and clothes. 

Other landmarks in Ajlun:

  • Tell Mar Elias
  • Great Ajlun Mosque Ajloun
  • Holy Spirit Church
  • Shrine for Al-Khadir (St. George)
  • Birthplace of the Prophet Elijah.