San Francisco - Bike Angle IslandThis state park is located on the biggest island on the bay - a short boat ride away from San Francisco. The whole island is set aside for recreational activities. 

San Francisco is a vibrant city with many iconic places to visit. ​Read the main San Francisco article here.

To get to the island you will need to take a ferry or use a private boat. Ferries run multiple times a day but are limited during winter months. Check the schedules to make sure you don't miss the last boat.

You can start your visit by taking a tram tour of the island to familiarize yourself with the San Francisco - Angel Island - from Wikipediapark. You can also take a Segway or a Diggler (a kind of scooter) tour. 

Tip: The last tram tour is at 2 PM. so make sure to get there early enough to catch the tram.

The island has several sandy beaches which are protected from the strong breeze hitting San Francisco shores. 

San Francisco - Angel Island - from WikipediaYou can also enjoy the long and winding hiking trails which take you from the sea level to an elevation of 788 ft. Those trails provide an amazing view of San Francisco skyline and Golden Gate Bridge. 

Finally, you can bike on the main roads which circle the island. You can bring your own bike or rent one at the park.

You are welcome to bring your own snacks or picnic, but you can also dine at the Cafe, which offers unique sandwiches and wraps.