My visit to Chamonix and Mon Blanc reminded me of an earlier visit as a teenager. 

Chamonix France - The Alps - Mon BlancWhen I was a teenager, my family embarked on an epic road trip from Kuwait to Spain. Every step of the way was a challenge and an adventure, but the highlight of the trip was passing through the French Alps. We entered the Mon-Blanc tunnel with sunny skies and warm weather on the Italian side and exposed to gloomy weather and snow-covered slopes on the French side.

Fast-forward several decades, and I am back to this beautiful region of France to spend a full week exploring and experiencing the Alps.

Chamonix Mon Blanc

Chamonix France - TownChamonix is the base camp for anyone wishing to explore the French Alps and the region in general. It sits at the base of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, and at the intersection of France, Italy, and Switzerland.

This unique location makes it a major tourist attraction, with crowds swelling during winter, July, and August.

Tip: Chamonix also describes the whole valley under the slopes of Mon Blanc, so if you are booking a trip this town be very specific about the name.

During other months of the year, this becomes a sleepy town with fewer crowds and fewer activities, but it is still worth a visit.

I arrived in October, so I experienced the town more leisurely. I was still able to find things to do without having to fight the crowds.

Mont Blanc Massif

Chamonix France - View from Aiguille du Midi Cable Car You can see those majestic, snow-covered peaks from many places in town. At a height of 15,777 ft (ca. 5 km), it is considered the highest in the Alps and the highest west of Russia’s Caucasus.

Chamonix is at an elevation of 3,396 ft (ca. 1 km), so the mountain towers above town for an additional 12,000 ft (3.66 km). That makes for a breathtaking view. But to really experience this remarkable beauty, you must climb to the top.

Tip: Most shops and restaurants close from noon to 3 PM. If you don’t plan your lunch ahead, you may go hungry for several hours. Some ethnic restaurants like Turkish or Chinese remain open.

During winter, skiers take cable cars to reach the best ski slopes. The same lifts take hikers to some challenging trails during the summer.

Aiguille du Midi Cable Car

This cable car takes the rider to a height of 12392 ft (3.78 km) in 20 minutes. The elevation is so high Chamonix France - Aiguille du Midi Cable Car - Paraglidingthat the temps might be below freezing at the top even in summer.

There is a stop mid-way with great views of Chamonix down below, hiking trails, and a plateau used to launch Paragliders. Once launched, the gliders can hover for a long time, riding the currents like hawks.

Those thrill seekers carry their parasails in large bags in the cable car. It can get very crowded in the cabin.

Tip: The cars go up every 15 minutes. If you happen to be going up with a large group if paragliders, wait for the next car.

After this mid-way stop, you can continue on to the top platform, riding the second-longest single vertical span in the world.

As you climb, the air pressure and temperature are dropping. You better have your winter clothes with you.

Tip: Sunglasses or ski glasses are highly recommended due to the snow glare and the high UV levels.

At the top, you can enjoy the views from the protection of the building, or you can use a tunnel to venture out onto an ice ridge heading towards a glacier.

If you dare, you can walk into the Glass Skywalk called “Step into the Void”. It is a thrill to feel suspended above the snow-covered slopes. It is the closest thing to flying but without the risk.

Strolling through town

Chamonix France - TownChamonix managed to retain the charm of an old French town in spite of the great tourist influx. During our visit, we parked at the “Aiguille du Midi Cable Car” and walked down “Avenue De l’Aiguille du Midi” over a bridge and right on to “Rue du Docteur Paccard”. It is a pedestrian-only stretch with many shops, restaurants, and beautiful buildings.

Along the way, you can find some good places to grab some souvenirs, dine at a French café or bakery, or visit a sporting goods store to buy items you forgot to pack.

Tip: Most places you want to visit in Chamonix are a short walk from the town center, but if you are tired or not near the town center, you can hop on the free shuttles “Le Mulet” serving the town center. The minibusses pass by every 10 to 15 minutes and circle around downtown.

During your stroll, you can visit the Alpine Museum to learn about the history of the valley and skiing. Or, for a more intriguing exhibit, go to the Museum of Mer de Glass to see ice sculptures recreated yearly.

For some live music, public events, or just people-watching, head to the town square, “Place Balmat”. This is also close to the Chamonix casino, the post office, and a movie theater.

If you need additional information about the Chamonix Valley, visit the tourist office, which is located close to the town square “Place Balmat” or go to the Chamonix website here.

Mer de Glace

If you ever wanted to explore a glacier and an ice cave, this one is easy to get to from Chamonix France - The Alps - Mer De Glace - Glacier - from WikipediaChamonix. Just ride the Montenvers Railway “Chemin de fer du Montenvers” from Chamonix to the glacier.

The train climbs from Chamonix to Montenvers, passing through several bridges and tunnels. Along the way, you can enjoy beautiful forests and mountain views.

When you reach Montenvers, you will ride a cable car to the glacier. But if you want to see the ice cave, you will need to climb down 415 steps. It is worth the effort but might be too much for young children or the elderly.

Other attractions in Chamonix

Paragliding: Even if you don’t have any experience, you can go Paragliding with an expert. Several outfitters offer tandem flights over Chamonix.

Amusement Park “Parc de Loisirs de Chamonix”: Spend some time with the family trying the fun rides. The luge ride is very popular with young and old.

Chamonix Casino: If you are dying to waste some money while in the Alps, go to this small Casino. It has some older slot machines, and the elegant architecture is worth a look.

Hiking: When the snow recedes, the ski lifts become hiker’s lifts. Take one of those cable cars to the top of the mountain and explore the many hiking trails. For more info about hiking trails in the valley and the mountains, go to this interactive guide, where you can pick the difficulty, points of interest, and length of hikes.