Seal Beach - PierSeal Beach is the southernmost coastal town in Orange County, marking the transition to Los Angeles County and the city of Long Beach.

This charming beach town is known for its scenic palm-lined beaches, pristine residences, and one of the longest piers in California.

Historical Insight: Seal Beach was originally known as Anaheim Landing in the mid-1860s, serving as a port for the nearby city of Anaheim. By the late 19th century, it had transformed into a popular summer getaway spot, complete with a "tent city" for vacationers. The town was later renamed Seal Beach, and in 1915, it was officially incorporated. 

Seal Beach offers much more beyond its popular beach and pier, including the expansive 965-acre National Wildlife Refuge. Here, visitors can enjoy serene walks through the marshlands while observing a diverse bird population.

Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge - from WikimediaThe beach's soft sands, sunny weather, and warm waters attract visitors for swimming, surfing, body surfing, and kite surfing.

Visitor Tips: When visiting, enjoy a stroll along the historic Seal Beach Pier for fishing and spectacular views, or indulge in surfing at Stingray Bay, located at the mouth of the San Gabriel River. For those interested in history, the Tea Cottage and Hospitality Shop offers a glimpse into the 5,000-year history of tea within a charming Japanese tea garden setting​.

The main beach area stretches along Ocean Avenue and Seal Way. Parking can be challenging on busy days, with spots more readily available near the pier or the Jetty.

Hennessey's Grill, Seal BeachWalking the Pier offers a panoramic view of the coastline and the distant Channel Islands. Main Street, connected to the Pier, hosts a variety of restaurants and shops, with Hennessey's Grill being a popular spot for its delectable hamburgers and refreshing beers.

For breakfast enthusiasts, Bogart's Coffee House and Old Town Café are top choices.

A leisurely walk around town under the Pacific Coast Highway offers a picturesque route through the beach, a river, and an expansive park.Seal Beach - Red Car Museum - courtesy of Chamber of Commerce

The route starts at the Pier, continues north along Ocean Avenue to the Jetty, then follows the San Gabriel River Trail to Marina Drive, turns onto Electric Avenue, and ends at the Anaheim Landing Historic Landmark.

The Red Car Museum, located at the intersection of Main and Electric Avenue, showcases a beautifully restored Pacific Electric Railway car that now houses historical artifacts. Admission is free.

For those planning to visit, Seal Beach is conveniently accessible via several major airports, including Long Beach, John Wayne (Orange County), and Los Angeles International Airport. The city offers various services and amenities, making it a convenient and pleasant place to stay or visit​.