Disney World - Typhoon Lagoon and Mount Mayday - Surf Pool - Wikipedia by JZ85Within Disney World’s sprawling complex of theme parks, you will find two Water Parks, each with a distinct personality.

Typhoon Lagoon

Imagine a hurricane whipping through a tropical island, destroying homes and throwing wrecked ships on top of mountains. Then add slides, waterway, and geysers to come up with this wild wet fun place designed by Disney.

Main Attractions

The water park has six distinct areas of fun; the most prominent is with a ship on top and many slides running through it. Riders can choose between speed slides, body slides or rafts.

Disney World - Epcot - Typhoon Lagoon - Crush n Gusher - Wikipedia by JZ85 Another popular attraction is Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, which is a wave pool of 6-foot waves. You can take surf lessons here – but before the official park opening.

For relaxation, take a tube a lazily drift along the 2100-foot river that circles the park. The river passes through waterfalls, rainforests, mist screens, and Mount Mayday itself. Riders can float on their own or in an inner tube.

Young children can have fun at "Ketchakiddee Creek" with small slides and fountains shaped like tugboats, whales, and seals.


The main dining are is the “Leaning Palms” with shaded outdoor seating and is located near the main entrance.

For snacks or treats, try “Happy Landings Ice Cream”, “Snack Shack”, or several other small carts throughout the park.

Blizzard Beach

Disney World - Bilzzard Beach - Wikipedia by Dr_latino999Only Disney could come up with a snow-themed water park. The park is full of slides for every age and daring level.

Main Attractions

If you dare, go on the Summit Plummet for a fast freefall drop from 120 feet or go for a thrilling race on the Toboggan Racers – which is an 8-lane slide with riders sliding face down.

For milder wet fun, try the Cross Country Creek (Lazy River) or Melt-Away Bay (a wave pool).

Disney World - Bilzzard Beach - Team Boat Springs - Wikipedia by Dr_latino999Even though you can see snow (mostly simulated) everywhere you look, the water is always at a steady 80 degrees – good enough for all seasons.

At Ski Patrol Training Camp, smaller children can enjoy milder fun on several slides and pools. AT the Leisure Pool kids can walk across "icebergs" and at Freezin' Pipe Springs they can slide on short body slides.

The Chairlift is a "one-way" ride to the top of the Summit. It is a fun way to get to slide at the top, but guests can also use the long stairs.

At the main entrance, you can find locker rentals, and you can buy or rent any supplies you forgot to pack.


For a full meal, Lottawatta (Ski) is the main counter service restaurant providing outdoor covered seating.

If you are looking for a snack or a treat try the ice cream shop “I. C. Expeditions” or “Avalunch” for light snacks and refreshments.

If you like to relax on the beach with a drink while watching the kids having fun, then try the “Polar Pub” bar.