Santa Barbara - e-bike tour - Butterfly BeachWhat a great way to explore Santa Barbara! We recently went on a private electric bike tour with the Cal Coast Adventures and loved every minute of it.

Brody was our guide on this tour, and he quickly exhibited his love and knowledge of the area. He took us on a long but leisurely ride on beautiful bike trails, beaches, and city streets.

The bikes were very steady and comfortable, and the electric assist helped us climb some steep hills.

The tour started from Cal Coast Adventures office in an industrial area, but soon we were on the beach path and headed to a well-appointed bike trail.

Andree Clark Bird Refuge - by - Antranias - PixabayOur first destination was the city of Montecito, but before we got there, we came across the Andree Clark Bird Refuge – a serene marsh with thousands of birds swimming and flying around.

Right above the sanctuary, you can spot some animals from the Santa Barbara Zoo. The most prominent are the Giraffes trying to eat from the tree branches.

We kept going through winding paths and some hills until we reached the homes of the rich and famous in Montecito. Brody pointed out the majestic mansion of Ty Warner, the maker of the famous “Beanie Babies”.

As we progressed on our tour, we came across a lot of expensive estates and resorts, but what grabbed our attention the most is the beautiful Butterfly Beach. The beach got its name from the migrating Monarchs who rest in the area along their journey.

After enjoying the views at the beach, we headed back to Santa Barbara, passed by Sterns Wharf, and climbed up a steep hill to SB College. The college is surprisingly large, with commanding views of the ocean. We relaxed at “” with a great view of the harbor and the hills.

The final leg of our tour took us through the famous State Street with lots of shops and restaurants. Did you know that State street used to be the old Stagecoach route?

Talking about history, close to state street, we visited the Courthouse – considered the most beautiful public building in the United States. This is a functioning courthouse with a large courtyard, a clock tower, and a statue fountain.

We really enjoyed our tour and will definitely come back for more tours and adventures. While at Cal Coast Adventures office, we noticed that they offer other adventures like Surf Lessons, Kayak Tours, and Mountain Bike Tours. You can also rent bikes, kayaks, and surfboards. Check out their services here.