Dolphin Watch Jet Ski TourI went on many dolphin watch cruises in the past, but never on a Jet Ski.

It was my first experience on a Jet Ski so I was a little apprehensive about trying it, but the folks at Destiny Water Adventures made my first experience easy and pleasant.

We started with instructions on operating the jet ski and some safety rules. We donned our mandatory life jackets, and off we went. 

The waters in the Gulf of Mexico are warm, so we didn't need wet suits.

Dolphin Watch Jet Ski TourWe started from Destiny's location in Fort Walton Beach on the Santa Rosa Sound – which separates Ft Walton from Okaloosa Island. We then headed into Choctawhatchee Bay towards Distin Harbor, then exited into the Gulf of Mexico.

In the clear waters of the gulf, we idled for a while, enjoying Dolphins swimming around us. The dolphins seemed curious about us, playfully jumping and darting around, but eventually, they got bored and swam away. 

We headed back into the bay and visited Crab Island, where we witnessed the reason for its popularity,

Dolphin Watch Jet Ski Tour - Crab IslandMany boats were moored in the shallow bay, with people frolicking in the water or partying on their boats. Some pontoon boats had water slides; others had a boisterous party, with music blasting and people drinking and dancing. 

Riding the jet ski by itself was a fantastic experience. You feel like you are flying above the waves at top speed, around twenty-five miles/hr. If you don't hold the handlebars tightly, you can lose control and fly off the jet ski.

I did tip over once, but the ski righted itself, and I could climb back easily. The kill switch ensured the jet ski didn't take off without me. 

As we were speeding above the surf, the sky opened up with a quick thunderstorm. We continued our ride under the deluge and enjoyed the warm shower.