I was always fascinated with the idea that aliens from far away planets visited Earth throughout history – or that they are still visiting us today. 

*** This attraction is now closed *** 

I read many books and watched many TV shows that make such claims. I really would like to believe, but the evidence is still not there. 


I have no doubt that there are millions of earth-like planets in the universe and some of them may harbor life but I am waiting for absolute proof of their existence.

Until then, it is always interesting to browse through any possible such evidence.

Recently I paid a visit to the new “Encounters: UFO Experience” museum at the Garden Walk, Anaheim, California. 

The curators tried to collect sightings, replicas of artifices, Alien models, and evidence of encounters and abductions all in one place. The museum is divided into 7 galleries -each focusing on a different topic. In the background, you can hear the audio and visual recounting of sightings and events.


The exhibit is intriguing and entertaining, but it doesn’t break any new ground. My problem is that I already saw and heard most of the evidence and theories about the subject. For example, most of the material was covered in episodes of the Ancient Aliens TV series.

My favorite exhibit was the alien autopsy display. The little grey alien corps was very realistic. 

Other interesting exhibits are The Easter Island statues; Area 51; Roswell and the Nazca Lines.

The tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for kids. You can purchase a pack of 2 tickets for $14 (with an audio tour) from Groupon. 

We spent about 40 minutes going through the whole exhibit – I already knew a lot of the information. To be fair, if this is new to you, you probably can spend up to 2 hours going through each and every display. 


If you decide to go, make sure to make use of the audio tour. Each display has a number you can enter into the device – which will give a recorded description of the item. 

The museum is located inside the Garden Walk center in Anaheim. The Garden Walk is home to dining places like PF Chang and Cheesecake Factory and entertainment places like Bowlmor Lanes (Bowling) and Billy Beez fun center. More about the Garden Walk in a separate article.

400 West Disney Way
Anaheim, CA 92802