Disneyland - Rivers of AmericaThe Disney resort is practically in my backyard. My family and I love to spend a whole day or just a few hours at the Disney parks. Throughout the years we learned a lot about the parks and attractions that we like to share with you.

Frontierland recreates the era of trailblazers and pioneers in the wild west. Running through this land is “The Rivers of America” where steamboats, sail ships, rafts and canoes float by.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 

Disneyland - Big Thunder Mountain rideThis is a fun rollercoaster ride through a cursed mine, bat caves, falling rocks, and waterfalls.

As you enter the cursed mine, your train speeds up along the shaky track, zips under a waterfall, and dodges a falling boulder.

It is considered a mild Rollercoaster, but it does have some twists and turns. <FastPass Available>

Mark Twain Riverboat

Disneyland - Mark Twain Riverboat - by Jonny boyca - WikipediaRide a 105-foot long riverboat through the rivers of America. The big steamship sales from a dock that looks like a real Mississippi dock and goes on a 12-minute journey. Passengers are free to roam the three-levels of the ship.

Sailing Ship Columbia

The Columbia is a full-scale replica of Columbia Rediviva, the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. 

The ship takes passengers on a 12-minute sail through the Rivers of America. While onboard, they visit a nautical museum below deck, which shows what life was like for the 1787 crew. In addition to the galley, pantry, dry stores, and sickbay, there are quarters for the crew, bosun and bosun's mate, first mate, captain, and surgeon.

Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

Take the rafts to this artificial island in the middle of the Rivers of America. It contains Disneyland - Pirates - Lair - by - SolarSurfer - Wikipediastructures and caves with references to Mark Twain's characters from the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Quick Tips: The island does have restrooms, but not other services. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes. Your shoes will get dirty.

Kids and adults of all ages can have an adventure climbing, going into caves and pretending to be Tom or Huck.


Frontier land has several great dining options along with many snack stations and shopping opportunities.

The Golden Horseshoe 

If you haven’t had your lunch yet, this is a good time to stop for lunch or dinner. The dinner and show style restaurant offers fish and chips, chicken breast nuggets, Chili cheese fries Disneyland - Del Zocalo Restaurant - Frontierlandand chili in a bread bowl. For entertainment enjoy the silly shenanigans of the Laughing Stock Co.

Del Zocalo

You can have a delicious Mexican meal at Rancho Del Zocalo. This cafeteria-style restaurant offers Taco, Burritos, and Enchiladas with daily specials. You can also ask for a secret menu item the hidden burrito (also known as the Zocalo). 

Blue Bayou

Disneyland - Blue Bayou RestaurantFor a more refined dining experience, go to Blue Bayou and enjoy a meal inside Pirate of the Caribean ride. 

The atmosphere is romantic and the food is first-rate. On our last visit, we ordered the Rack of Lamb and the Veggie Pasta. Both were perfect. Other good choices are the Surf and Turf and the Filet Mignon. 

The only thing missing from this excellent meal is the wine. Blue Bayou does not serve alcoholic drinks.