iFly Skydiving - Universal City WalkWhen I decided to go skydiving in Hollywood I did not expect to come back with sore muscles. Skydiving turned out to be a real workout and a great thrill.

Well, I didn’t really jump out of a plane. My wife would kill me even if the jump didn't kill me. Instead, I went to iFly at Universal City Walk – adjacent to Universal Studios. This is an indoor skydiving facility in which they use a huge underground propeller fan to simulate the feeling of skydiving.

You can't miss the place as you walk along the city walk. It is behind the Hard-Rock restaurant with a prominent cone-shaped glass enclosure. 

iFly Skydiving - Universal City WalkI booked my flights ahead of time on their website www.iflyworld.com and signed a waiver online to save some time. You can do that on-site too and they do accept walk-ins.

Upon arrival, I had to go through an orientation and some basic lessons on posture, safety and hand signals. The hand signals are very important because once inside the flight chamber, you can’t hear anything except the propeller. 

I was also outfitted with my flight gear which consisted of a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and earplugs. 

I bought 3 flights online but upon checking in I was asked if I want to buy an addon for a high flight. I accepted right away. I want to experience it all.  

When it was my turn, I was happy to find out that an instructor will be with me all the time.iFly Skydiving - Universal City Walk This is all new to me so I needed all the help I can get. 

So with the help of the instructor, I jumped into the flight chamber and I felt the strong wind pushing me up. I was able to go up or down and change direction by adjusting my posture and moving hands. 

I didn’t realize it while I was having fun flying around, but I was basically doing a plank on air all this time. So when my 3 flights were done, I was sore all over. 

For the high flight, I got an assist from the instructor. The air pressure was increased which pushed me all the way to the top of the chamber. The instructor was there to make sure I kept my balance and didn’t nose dive.

What a thrill! I am definitely going back for more flying.

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