iFly Skydiving - Universal City WalkWhen I decided to try skydiving in Hollywood, I didn't expect to return with sore muscles. Skydiving proved to be both a real workout and an exhilarating thrill.

However, this wasn't your typical jump from a plane. Given my wife's concerns, that might have been too daring. Instead, I experienced indoor skydiving at iFly located at Universal City Walk, right next to Universal Studios. iFly uses a massive underground propeller fan to simulate the freefall sensation of skydiving.

The facility is easily noticeable as you stroll along the City Walk, situated just behind the Hard Rock Cafe. It features a distinctive cone-shaped glass enclosure.

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iFly Skydiving - Universal City WalkI booked my sessions in advance through their website at www.iflyworld.com and completed a waiver online to save time, although you can also do this upon arrival. They welcome walk-ins as well.

Upon arrival, I participated in an orientation that covered basic posture, safety, and hand signals. Hand signals are crucial as the roar of the propeller drowns out all other sounds once inside the flight chamber.

I was equipped with a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, and earplugs for my flights.

I originally purchased three flight sessions online but opted to add a high-flight experience at check-in. This meant even more intense air pressure, pushing me to the top of the chamber, a thrilling experience I couldn't miss.

During my turns, I was accompanied by an instructor who ensured my safety and helped me navigate the strong winds in the flight chamber. By adjusting my posture and hand movements, I could move up or down and change direction, much like floating in mid-air.

The experience was so engaging I didn't realize I was essentially performing an aerial plank! After my sessions, my muscles were definitely feeling the burn.

The high flight was especially exhilarating, with the instructor ensuring I maintained balance and didn't spiral downwards. It was a thrill like no other, and I'm eager to return for more.

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