Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park - by Bill Zain Located in Orange, Irvine Regional Park is not only the largest park in Orange County (spanning 477 acres) but also steeped in history as it's the oldest regional park in California.

This historical haven boasts a variety of natural landscapes, including lakes, creeks, a lagoon, and lush Oak and Sycamore trees, complemented by a scenic waterfall, picturesque bridges, playgrounds, bike trails, and paddle boats.

Interesting Fact: Irvine Regional Park was established in 1897, making it a landmark with over a century of history and natural beauty.

The park is also home to its own Zoo and train rides. While the Zoo is smaller than the San Diego Zoo, it's perfectly suited for young children, offering an affordable and educational experience with a variety of native and exotic animal species.

Visitor Tip: The train ride in the park is a fantastic way to get an overview of the area. It's especially popular with families, as it offers a preview of what the park offers before settling in for the day.

Adjacent to the train ride area, don’t miss the delightful Pony rides, a favorite among the younger visitors.

Choose an area under one of the majestic trees or in the shaded shelters for the ideal picnic spot. The most coveted spots are near the main lake, where you can easily access the rental store and snack bar.

Adventure seekers can rent bikes to explore the extensive bike trails or opt for a paddle boat (aqua-cycle) for a leisurely experience on the lake.

OC Zoo

Visitor Tip: Rentals, including bikes and aqua-cycles, are available throughout the summer, as well as on weekends and holidays.

For those looking for a workout or outdoor activity, the park's bike trails double as excellent hiking paths. Additionally, visitors can play horseshoes, volleyball, or baseball at one of the designated areas.

1 Irvine Park Road
Orange, CA 92862
(714)973-6835 or (714)973-3173