Lake Arrowhead - by Thomas Hawk - FlickrLake Arrowhead, also known as "The Alps of Southern California," is a town in the San Bernardino mountains. 

The beautiful lake is an artificial reservoir built as part of a failed commercial venture. Now it is a major tourist attraction and a recreational area. 

Lake Arrowhead Village - by shadowhound - WikipediaWhen visiting Lake Arrowhead, you will probably end up at the Village – a retail and entertainment complex overlooking the lake. 

You can buy clothes and trinkets in the Village, or even groceries. Or you can enjoy Belgian Waffles, Pizza, wine tasting, sandwiches, tea, and coffee. 

Lake Arrowhead from McDonaldsFor an inexpensive meal, McDonald's has a large restaurant with a great view from a terrace overlooking the lake.

On summer nights, you can also catch a free summer concert. 

The area offers many recreational activities every season of the year.

Located nearby, you'll find skiing at Snow Valley, Snow Summit, and Mountain High. 

Lake Arrowhead - Hamiltair Boathouse - by SoCalArchitect - WikipediaAt the community of Blue Jay at Lake Arrowhead, try out ice skating at the Ice Castle. In summer, go hiking around the lake, swim in the refreshing water, or rent a boat to explore the lake. 

You can also take a tour on Lake Arrowhead Queen Paddleboat or rent a bicycle to go mountain biking.

A visit to the nearby Wildhaven Ranch will give you a chance to see wildlife indigenous to the area.

Nature lovers will enjoy the Heaps Peak Arboretum with gardens, hiking trails, and interpretive information.

One of the best ways to enjoy Lake Arrowhead is by staying at a resort or renting a cabin for a few days. 

From your Basecamp, you can explore Arrowhead and the natural wonders surrounding it.