Las Vegas - Indoor Skydive Once you've experienced the free entertainment and major shows Las Vegas has to offer, there are still plenty of attractions to explore around the city.

Options range from indoor skydiving to real skydiving jumps, city tours to excursions to the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. For families, consider visiting a museum of human anatomy or exploring the Titanic artifacts.


Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Experience the thrill of skydiving within the confines of a closed chamber, complete with a massive airline propeller embedded in the ground to simulate skydiving conditions. Participants face downward into a vertical wind tunnel where a strong upward wind keeps them aloft. Prior to your session, you'll receive detailed instructions and practice with the necessary equipment. Read the full article here.

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Excavator fun at Dig This in Las VegasDig This

Initially skeptical about returning to "childhood play," I was persuaded by a friend to visit 'Dig This'. It turned out to be a fantastic decision, providing great fun learning to operate a large excavator and digging a significant hole. Read the full article here.

Go-Karts and Racing

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Las Vegas offers several Go-Kart and racing venues. At Pole Position Raceway, adults and teens over 56 inches tall can race karts reaching speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. A single 14-lap race costs $25, with other package options available.

Museums and Exhibits

While museums might not be every child's first choice, Las Vegas has several that are likely to entertain the entire family.

The Atomic Testing Museum:

Given its history as a nuclear testing site, the Nevada desert is a fitting location for this museum. It features interactive exhibits and comprehensive details about the timeline of nuclear research and testing in the U.S. Don't miss the Ground Zero Theater. Located near the convention center on Flamingo Road.

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Bodies...The Exhibition:

Bodies Exhibit showcasing human anatomy in Las Vegas This exhibit at the Luxor showcases 13 whole bodies and over 260 preserved organs, providing an in-depth look at human anatomy. It's intriguing for teens and might be slightly unsettling for younger visitors.

Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition:

Also housed in the Luxor, this exhibition features approximately 300 artifacts and several replicas of the Titanic. Fans of the 1997 film will particularly enjoy this museum.

Spring Preserve:

Water Tower at Springs Preserve, Las Vegas Located a few miles from the bustling downtown and the Strip, the Springs Preserve covers 180 acres around Las Vegas's original water source. This area, an oasis in the desert, has supported local Native American tribes and early settlers for over 10,000 years. Read more here.

Mob Museum:

This downtown museum provides a fascinating look into the history of organized crime in Las Vegas, featuring stories of famous gangsters and the law enforcement officers who pursued them.

Madame Tussauds Interactive Wax Museum:

Located in the Venetian Hotel, this museum allows visitors to get up close and personal with wax figures of celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Benjamin Franklin.

Guided Tours and Sightseeing

Hoover Dam Bypass near Las VegasLas Vegas and its surrounding areas are full of exciting places to explore through various tours. Whether you're interested in a quick plane trip to the Grand Canyon or a comprehensive day-long adventure, there's something for everyone.

Explore the Grand Canyon with twin-engine plane tours or opt for a helicopter ride to the canyon's base, followed by a boat ride on the Colorado River. For thrill-seekers, consider a whitewater rafting trip along the Colorado River, and don't forget to check water conditions beforehand. A relaxing cruise on Lake Mead is also a great option, with coach buses available for hotel pickups.