Las Vegas - Indoor SkydiveWhen you have had enough of free entertainment and major shows in Las Vegas, you still have a lot of attractions to discover around town.

Go skydiving indoors or go for a real jump; Take a tour in the city or venture out to Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. Take the kids to a body parts museum or view the Titanic artifacts.


Vegas Indoor Skydiving

This is a very thrilling experience that simulates skydiving. The jump takes place inside a closed chamber with a huge airline propeller in the ground. The propeller creates a strong upward wind – like a vertical wind tunnel. The skydivers jump into the wind – facing down, and the wind pushes them up. But before you can accomplish your skydive, you need instructions, equipment, and practice. Read the full article here.

Dig This

I heard about this place from a friend, and at first, I was reluctant to go. Do I really want to go play in the dirt again? 

It turned out that I actually did. It was great fun to learn how to operate a huge excavator and proceed to dig a big hole in the ground.  Read the full article here

Go-Karts and Racing

Las Vegas - Dig ThisFor the visitor looking for an adrenaline rush, Las Vegas has several venues for Go-Karts and racing. You can try the fast Go-Karts at Pole Position Raceway. The adult (56 inches or taller) Karts can go up to 45 miles an hour. For $25, you get one race with 14 laps. Other packages are available. 

Museums and Exhibits

Most kids and teens are allergic to museums, but there are a few choices in Las Vegas that may appeal to the whole family:

The Atomic Testing Museum: 

The Nevada desert was known as a nuclear testing ground, so it makes sense to place this museum in Las Vegas. It has many interactive exhibits and lots of information about the timeline of nuclear research and testing in the US. Make sure to stop at Ground Zero Theater. This Museum is located near the convention center on Flamingo Rd.

Bodies...The Exhibition: 

Las Vegas - Bodies ExhibitNot showgirl bodies - this is an exhibit about the human body and its organs. The exhibits include 13 whole bodies and 260 preserved organs. This might be very appealing to teens and somewhat disturbing to younger children. It is located inside Luxor.

Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition: 

Also located inside Luxor, it features about 300 artifacts and several replicas of the ship. If you loved the 1997 movie, you will enjoy this museum.

Spring Preserve:

Las Vegas Springs Preserve - Water Tower - from WikipediaA few miles away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, you will find this nature preserve with exhibits, nature trails, and a bit of Las Vegas history.

The “Springs Preserve” is a 180-acre stretch of protected land around the original source of water for the Las Vegas Valley. Those springs formed an oasis in the middle of the parched desert and helped support early inhabitants from local Native American trips 10,000 years ago to first settlers in the 1800s. Read more here.

Mob Museum: 

An interesting downtown museum showcasing the history of the mob in Las Vegas. Learn about the famed gangsters and the heroes that brought them down.

Madame Tussauds Interactive Wax Museum: 

Located inside the Venetian Hotel, it is the only guaranteed way to get up close and personal with the famous and the infamous. Some of the celebrities you will “meet” are Jennifer Lopez, Benjamin Franklin, Lindsay Lohan, Harrison Ford, and Jenna Jameson.

Guided Tours and Sightseeing

Many tour operators advertise tours to exciting places in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. 

Las Vegas - Hoover Dam BypassOne of my favorite tours is a twin-engine plane trip to the Grand Canyon. Trips vary from short jaunts to the west rim to a full-day adventure covering the north and south rims. 

Another great tour is by coach to the west rim, Helicopter to the bottom of the canyon, and a boat ride on the Colorado River. 

How about a whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River? Just double-check water conditions before you book your adventure.

Take a cruise on Lake Mead. Either drive to Lake Mead or take a coach bus with a pickup from your hotel. 

Do you want to know more about Las Vegas history and get the skinny on celebrities? Take a guided bus tour. 

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