Las Vegas - ROCK OF AGESEverywhere you go on the Strip, you will see huge electronic billboards announcing shows and attractions. Take your pick from magic shows, standup comedy, dancing showgirls, daredevils, impressionists, ventriloquists, and celebrity singers. Some shows are for adults only, but there are a lot of shows that are geared towards the whole family. Most shows are pricey, but you can get good deals from the Internet (like Groupon) or discount ticket booths like Tix4Tonight.

Rock of Ages at the Venetian

Las Vegas - ROCK OF AGESThis is one of my favorite Las Vegas shows and is also one of the longest. I enjoyed every minute of the 130 minutes and left wanting more.

The show is a celebration and tribute to the music and culture of the 80’s. It is performed on a very well-designed stage with great lighting and sound effects.  The backdrop morphs to match the scene or song. Big screens on the sides of the stage play appropriate clips or effects. Read the full article here.

Vegas! The show at Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas - Vegas the ShowA little bit of Las Vegas history, a lot of song and dance, and some acrobatics sprinkled in between - the show had something for everyone. 

The show starts in a graveyard for show props. The narrator takes you on a trip down memory lane to the good old days of Las Vegas glitzy shows. Your trip starts from the 1940s and goes through the 50s, 60s, and 70s Las Vegas. It ends with a bang in the 80s era. And yes! No trip down memory lane is complete without an appearance by Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, Frank Sinatra, or Vegas showgirls. 

If you miss the old-style Las Vegas productions with big band music and scant attire, then this show is for you. Read the full article here

Michael Jackson Live at the Rio

Las Vegas - Michael Jackson LiveThis is a tribute show that showcases the most popular MJ songs. The show is performed in the Crown Theater at Rio Las Vegas. The main performer and his supporting crew were actually very good. He spent the next hour dancing, jumping, moonwalking, and singing – almost non-stop. The best seats are at the Golden Circle and cost $62 – you can get it for $30 with discounts from Groupon. Read the full article here.

V – The Variety Show at Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas - V-The Ultimate Variety ShowV is a variety show that has a little of everything. You will find magic, special effects, Death-Defying stunts, comedy, and trained birds – all on one stage. The show is performed in the V Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. A visit to the Miracle Mile Shops is a must anyway – so you can visit the Fountain Show, the Thunderstorm, and the Spice Market Buffett. The show is very good, but the theater itself can use some improvements. It is very small, and the seats are crammed together. Ticket prices are $69 for general admission and $89 for VIP. You can get tickets for ½ the price with a Groupon. Read the full article here.

Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace

Las Vegas - AbsintheAbsinthe show is set in a big tent outside the main entrance to Caesar’s Palace. This is very appropriate because the show is basically a circus for adults. 

The cast will thrill you with their acrobatic feats and high-wire balancing acts while making fun of everyone and everything.  Oh! And don’t forget the scantily clad athletes. You can’t have a Vegas show without some revealing attire. Read the full article here.

Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo

Las Vegas - Blue Man GroupThis is one of the most entertaining shows I ever witnessed - great, clean fun for the whole family. The show is basically a high-energy percussion and music show, but it is much more than that. The “Group” goes wild with drums, music, comedy, silliness, and special effects. The performers engage the audience from the beginning when they parade through the lobby before the show. Several seating tiers are available. Try to get the Orchestra seats – full price around $150. You can get better prices on the Internet or at Tix4Tonight. AAA members can get a 30% discount.

Cirque De Soleil - multiple venues

Everywhere you go on the strip, you will notice huge electronic billboards advertising the latest and greatest Cirque De Soleil show. You can watch “O” at the Bellagio, Ka at MGM, Criss Angel Believe at Luxor, or the newest show, Michael Jackson One, at Mandalay Bay. Prices range from $75 to $200.

“O” a Cirque Du Soleil Show

'O' a Cirque Du Soleil ShowThis is not your average circus act. From the first opening moment of the show, I was enthralled with the man-made lake on the stage and the enchanted creatures that lurked in every corner. 

Cirque Du Soleil has many shows in Las Vegas and around the world, but I think they surpassed their own fame with this extraordinary show performed at the Bellagio. Read more here.

KA by Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil - KA - Forest Duet - Photo by Jerry MetellusThis show is probably the biggest theatrical production in the world with the latest audio/visual technology. 
The show is a clever mix of traditional circus acts with modern technology and a storyline. The story is not clearly defined because the actors use an invented language. But that doesn’t detract from the wonderful production and amazing feats performed in a fluid environment.

My most favorite act was the final battle between good and evil. The stage floated up into the vertical position, and the performers engaged in a gravity-defying battle to the death. If it were possible to hide the ropes, you would think those actors have wings.

Read more here


Cirque Du Soleil MystereI love Cirque Du Soleil shows and have difficulty deciding which is best. Each has a unique story and ambiance, but they all have great performances by skilled acrobats and actors.

My latest experience was at the Mystere show, which plays at TI (rebranded Treasure Island).

This high-energy show is filled with circus acts, dance, elaborate sets, booming music, and slapstick comedy.

The show opened in 1993 and is considered the longest-running Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas.

The word Mystere is the French way of saying mystery. So, what is the mystery here? I have no idea!

Cirque Du Soleil MystereThe show starts with babies making noises and strollers rolling onto the stage, but I didn’t see any reason for this introduction. 

Later, a chubby baby interrupts the show several times while the stage is reset. There is no cohesion to the story, or more accurately, there is no story.

Despite all those shortcomings, the performance was mesmerizing. From the dancing duo on straps to the thundering drums or the flying acrobats, all the performers excelled and delighted us.

The dancing duo flying over the stage and above the audience was well choreographed and performed but brought up a crucial point about seating. Getting the first row next to the stage is not always a great idea. We had to crane our necks to see the action above and behind us.

I recommend this show to the whole family, but some young children may be frightened by the loud noise and dark scenes. 

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Illuminate at the Start“Illuminate” exploded on the scene as a finalist on America’s Got Talent and then took the world by storm.

In Las Vegas, Illuminate plays at the Stratosphere Tower with several show times every day. The ticket prices are more reasonable than the big-ticket shows.

The performance uses customized LED suits with wireless lighting programs that create extraordinary lighting effects that move along with the choreographed dance moves and the hurt-pounding music.

We reserved our seats several weeks in advance and landed a premium spot at a VIP booth with an excellent stage view.

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