Jordan - Petra

I was born in Syria, lived in Kuwait, and Immigrated to the United States. My wife is from Jordan and my mom from Palestine. My sister lives in Tunisia and my cousins in Dubai. 

I also visited Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia (before the breakup), Italy, France, Spain, and Holland.

My adopted country is America and my home state is California, USA. 

So you can say a piece of me lives in every corner of the world and hope to visit all those corners during my lifetime and write about them.

This section is dedicated to the Middle-East: From the Gulf States to the Levant to Morocco. 

Epic Journey

At the age of 16, my family embarked on an epic journey from Kuwait to Spain and back. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and historical sites, met friendly people and encountered a few challenges along the way.

The trip, as intended, was a lot of fun – but it was also educational. I learned about different places and people, and most importantly, I realized that there is a vast world outside of my neighborhood.

This trip also ignited my wanderlust for everything new and adventurous.

So why am I writing about a trip that happened several decades ago? Two reasons: One, I came across a box of old trip photos that brought back memories. Two, I came to realize that this trip had a significant impact on my life and personality. I thought it essential to commit it to memory. Read the full story here.