nullMy kids love everything about Pandas. So when we heard about a Panda show in Vegas we had to see it. 

We didn’t really know what to expect, other than cute wholesome entertainment with cuddly Pandas. 

We did get to enjoy the cute and cuddly Pandas, but the show was about much more. 

The show is basically another Vegas big production variety performance with acrobats, jugglers and dancers, and drummers. What sets it apart from other similar shows is the ambiance and the latest special effects technology.

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The story is set in China and stars a Panda named Long-Long. He falls in love with a Peacock and just before they get married, she gets kidnapped by some demons. Long-Long spends the rest of the show learning from the masters so he can gain strength and liberate his fiancé. 

The theater is large and nicely decorated to reflect Chinese culture and hints of Panda habitat. As you are waiting for the show to start you will hear sounds of nature and peaceful oriental music. The curtains look like a bamboo forest which enhances the ambiance.  

nullI loved the fast-changing props and the movie quality active backgrounds. Moving scenes from China’s various regions are projected behind the performers and become part of the act. Those active backgrounds along with lighting and sound effects will make you feel transported to another time and place.

Some of my favorite acts are The air dancers - suspended from ropes; the monks with the pint-sized performer that looked like a little boy; The Terracotta soldiers and the traditional Chinese dancers. 

Before the show, we waited in the lobby, which has a good gift shop and a well-stocked bar. On the wall opposite to the entrance you will see large stuffed pandas hidden behind bamboo. This is a good spot for pictures. You can also spot some of the Panda actors walking around and posing for pictures. 

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The show is playing in the Palazzo Theater at the Venetian. While at the Venetian, enjoy a stroll through the Grand Canal shops or have dinner in St. Marks Square. See the full article about the Venetian here.

Panda plays Friday to Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

Phone: 702.414.9000 / 866.641.7469.