Philadelphia skyline Wikipedia by Brian W. SchallerPhiladelphia is famous for the historic events that led to the formation of the United States of America. This is where the founding fathers declared independence and later signed the Constitution. Many visitors come here to relive those momentous events and walk in the footsteps of giants.

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Philadelphia - Independence Hall - Wikipedia BY Captain Albert E ThebergeBut Philly is much more than a window on the past. Today’s Philadelphia offers a lot of food, culture, and entertainment. A visit to this city is not complete without trying the variety of Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, visiting a museum, or catching a symphonic performance.

You can enjoy all this history and culture without driving. Most of the main attractions are within walking distance of the city center. If you decide to go further, you can always take a bus or a subway.

This is an overview of Philly’s history and fun attractions. You can get more details about the history here – and about fun things to do here.

The History

Philadelphia City Hall - Wikipedia by Max BinderThe city was founded by William Penn, who wanted a capital for Pennsylvania that avoided the horrors of urban areas. He picked a location between two major rivers – the Delaware and the Schuylkill – and aimed for a low-density population.

Philadelphia means Brotherly Love in Greek, which fits nicely with William Penn’s dream of creating a city of tolerance and religious freedom. Read more about the city’s history here.

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Interesting Facts: Philadelphia is the city of many firsts, including the first hospital in 1751, the first zoo in 1859, the first daily newspaper in 1784, and the first general-use computer in 1946.

Philadelphia Liberty BellLater, the city became known as the center of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the writing of the Constitution. The Visit Philly's website has many more historic Philly sites.

To experience this history, a visit to the Liberty Bell Center, National Constitution Center, and Independence Hall is a must. Read more about the city’s history here.

Interesting Fact: The Liberty Bell was originally called the State House Bell. It wasn’t referred to as the Liberty Bell until the 1800s as part of the abolitionist movement.


Philly is not only about the founding of this nation. It is a vibrant city with lots of attractions, art, and entertainment. Read more about fun activities and attractions in Philly here.

Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square - Wikipedia by Wasted Time RMost of those destinations are within a few blocks of each other. If you get tired from walking, you can jump on a bus, a subway, or hire an Uber. So, if you have a car, park it somewhere and forget about it for a while.

Start by visiting City Hall, one of the most distinctive government buildings in the US. Built in 1901, it still houses a large portion of the Philadelphia government. Don’t forget to go to the observation deck for a great 360-degree city view.

Interesting Facts: William Penn’s Statue (the founder of Philadelphia) is still considered the tallest statue in the world.

Reading Terminal Market is a year-round indoor market overflowing with food vendors from around the world. It is also a place to buy produce, meat, fish, cheese, and candies.

At Rittenhouse Square, you can enjoy immaculate gardens, fountains, and statues.

Philadelphia One Liberty Observation DeckGo to the One Liberty Observation Deck to get an amazing view of the city from above. From the enclosed observation deck, you can observe an interesting mix of historic buildings and ultra-modern skyscrapers. City Hall with William Penn’s statue is very prominent among the tall buildings.

A visit to Penn's Landing is a must for some fun at the waterfront. You can enjoy a stroll along the waterfront or spend some time at Spruce Street Harbor Park. The park is only open in spring and fall, but during those times you can relax in a hammock, watch a movie, dine on floating barges, or have a drink at a beer garden.

Interesting Facts: The city collected many nicknames over the years: Philly, The Birthplace of America, The City that Loves You Back, The Quaker City, The Cradle of Liberty, and The City of Brotherly Love.

At night, the park turns into a dazzling show of light with colorful LED lights hanging from the trees and ships showing off their decorations.