Philadelphia Reading Terminal MarketPhiladelphia is famous for the historic events that led to the forming of the United States of America. This is where the founding fathers declared independence and later signed the constitution.  Many visitors come here to relive those momentous events and walk in the footsteps of giants.

But Philly is much more than a window on the past. Today’s Philadelphia offers a lot of food, culture and entertainment. A visit to this city is not complete without trying the variety of Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, visiting a museum or catching a symphonic performance.

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Food Tasting Tour at Reading Terminal Market

Philadelphia Reading Terminal from Wikipedia by Jersey856 A great way to learn about a city to join a walking tour or a food tasting tour. During my first visit to Philly, I joined the Taste of Philly food tour and was rewarded with a great experience.

The selection of tastings were very good, but the commentary and local lure provided by our guide – Jim - were excellent.

At the beginning of the tour, we left the market and gazed at the building from outside and learn about its beginnings as a train station.  We then ventured into the terminal building and admired the huge murals on the walls and the elevated platform where the trains stopped.

After this short history lesson, we went back inside and started sampling some of the delicious foods. We started with a taste of French Vanilla Ice Cream from L.D. Bassett. It was delicious and a very good start.  

Interesting facts: Lewis Dubois Bassett started making ice cream using mule-turned churn in 1861.

Philadelphia Reading Terminal Market - Bassett's Ice CreamOur next stop was at Peal’s Oster Bar where we tried their Snapping Turtle Soup. It was very tasty, but I was never sure if it had real turtle meat in it.

Next, we enjoyed a Pretzel at Miller’s Twist. They make the chewy pretzels from fresh dough with many flavors. It said that you can have one of their creations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then I got to taste a Buttermilk Cake for the first time at Beiler’s Bakery. Very rich and creamy flavor – I am hooked.

Interesting Facts: The original Philly Cheesesteaks did not have any cheese in them. The cheese came 10 years later in the 1940s.

The tour ended with our guide giving us a Kiss. This chocolate treat was from Mueller Philadelphia  Reading Terminal Market - Peal’s Oster Bar Chocolate Co and it is said to be the inspiration of Hershey’s kisses. I have visited this vendor earlier and bought several boxes of variety truffle packs as gifts – and for myself. They have an amazing variety of treats.

The tour lasted 90 minutes and was very good but could have been better. A think there should be more tastings and should include Philly Cheesesteak tastings. How can you have a Philly food tasting tour without a taste of Cheesesteaks? To be fair they do mention on their website that this tour is more about the history than the food.