nullThis is probably the best Las Vegas show I have been to in a very long time. It is also one of the longest. I enjoyed every minute of the 130 minutes and I left wanting more.

The show is a celebration and tribute the music and culture of the 80’s. It is performed on a very well designed stage with great lighting and sound effects.  The backdrop morphs to match the scene or song. Big screens on the sides of the stage play appropriate clips or effects.

nullThe main storyline (without going into too much detail) is about a young couple who meets at the Sunset Strip and fall in love. Their romance is challenged by the 80’s rock culture, their Hollywood dreams and evil plot to modernize the Stip.

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The performers were excellent with amazing voices. The band really rocked the stage and the theater. Best of all the audience knew the songs and sang and clapped along. Everyone had free light torches and waved them around with the music. 

My favorite performances were “Come on feel the noise”, "Here I Go Again" and "Oh Sherrie".

The show has some crude humor and suggestive moves but it is not X-rated. I would say it safe for anyone age 13 or over.

nullThe 2012 movie with the same title wasn’t very popular when it came out. Some people who watched the movie may hesitate to watch a show with the same theme. I can tell you the live Las Vegas show is nothing like the movie. I highly recommend Rock of Ages to everyone who loves music.

The location in the Venetian Resort is a plus. Before or after the show you can enjoy a stroll in the Grand Canal Shops, have a drink at one of the bars or dine at one of the fine dining restaurants. 

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