Rocky Mountains Zipline - Bill ZainZipline Adventure

Experiencing the thrill of soaring through a forest canopy is exhilarating. While it's not exactly flying, ziplining offers a similar rush of adrenaline and awe.

During my visit to Denver, I embarked on a zipline adventure with Denver Adventure, opting for their 6-zipline package complete with a media option.

Denver Adventure boasts some of Colorado’s longest and fastest ziplines, with lengths ranging from 850ft to an impressive 1,900ft. These ziplines reach speeds up to 60mph and heights up to 250ft above the ground, offering a heart-pounding experience.

Set in a stunning nature park within the Rocky Mountains, just a 30-minute drive from Denver, the ziplines offer breathtaking views and an unforgettable adventure.

Rocky Mountains ZiplineThe adventure begins in Conifer, where participants check in, get weighed (note the 245 lbs weight limit), and are outfitted with gear. After a brief shuttle ride to the park, we received our equipment, safety instructions, and GoPro cameras for those who opted for the media package.

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Be prepared for some physical exertion, as the adventure includes high-altitude ziplining and hiking. One particular hike between ziplines was notably steep, offering both a challenge and a sense of achievement.

Rocky Mountains ZiplineOur guides were professional and attentive, ensuring each participant's safety and enjoyment. They meticulously checked our equipment before each zip and managed the GoPro cameras to capture the thrilling moments.

Each of the six ziplines has its unique features, from long, scenic glides to short, rapid descents, providing a diverse and thrilling experience.

After about three hours of exhilarating fun, we returned to the base to return our gear and collect our digital memories captured on the GoPros.

I highly recommend this adventure to anyone seeking a blend of thrill and natural beauty. It's an experience that combines adrenaline, scenic landscapes, and the joy of outdoor activities.

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