Scenic view at San Diego Botanic Gardens The Botanic Gardens, located north of San Diego, offer a wonderful opportunity for families to spend time exploring an array of plants from various global environments and learning about the ecosystems they inhabit.

Recently, after the gardens reopened post the Covid-19 shutdown, I visited with my family on a Saturday. Although not all exhibits were open, the reduced crowd made our visit more pleasant.

Spanning 37 acres and home to over 5000 plant species across 31 distinct areas, the gardens are vast. It's unlikely to see everything in one visit, so planning ahead to focus on areas of interest is advisable.

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Pond at San Diego Botanic Gardens For families with young children, the Hamilton Children's Garden and the Seeds of Wonder Children's Garden are must-visits, offering activities like climbing treehouses, playing in streams, and exploring a dinosaur-themed area.

The gardens also feature immersive environments such as the Bamboo Forest, Subtropical Fruit Garden, and the Mediterranean Garden.

Bamboo Garden at San Diego Botanic Gardens A favorite spot of mine is the tranquil pond adorned with floating lilies in the Bamboo forest. There are other serene ponds located in the Native Plants Garden and the Rain Forest.

Another highlight is the waterfall that leads to the overlook, offering a panoramic view of the area and a distant glimpse of the ocean.

The botanical gardens feature a shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs and plants.

300 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024