Seal Beach - PierSeal Beach is the last coastal town you will encounter in Orange County before crossing into Los Angles County and the city of Long Beach.

This little beach town has its own unique charm – with tall palm trees lining the beach, immaculate homes, and one of California's longest piers.

When visiting, you will probably head straight to the beach or the Pier, but Seal Beach has a lot more to offer.

Consider visiting the  965-acres National Wildlife Refuge and spend some time walking Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge - from Wikimediathrough the marshlands and admiring the bird population.

Of course, the main attraction that lures visitors to this quaint seaside town is the beach with its soft sand, sunshine, and temperate waters.  Visitors here enjoy swimming, surfing, body surfing, and kite surfing.

The main stretch of beach is along Ocean Avenue and Seal Way. Parking is difficult on busy days – but if you are lucky, you can find a spot at the pier lots. If not, you will have to park at the Jetty and walk.

Hennessey's Grill, Seal BeachThe Pier is fun to walk because it extends for some distance into the ocean. At the end of the Pier, you will have a commanding view of the coastline in both directions. Looking straight into the sea, you will have a great view of the Channel Islands.

The Pier connects to Main street where you will find most restaurants and shops. My favorite place for lunch or dinner is Hennessey's Grill, an Irish pub with delicious hamburgers and thirst-quenching beers.

If you are here for breakfast, try Bogart's Coffee House or Old Town Café.

Fancy, a stroll around town? The whole area below the pacific coast highway (toward the beach) is walkable. Just pick a few streets to visit and go around in a loop.

My favorite route takes you through the beach, a river, and an extended park.Seal Beach - Red Car Museum - courtesy of Chamber of Commerce

Start from the Pier and head north on Ocean ave. Turn left into the parking lot at the Jetty. Turn right into the San Gabrial River Trail, then right into Marina Drive.

Take a right into Electric Ave, which turns into a long park that ends into Anaheim Bay and the Anaheim Landing Historic Landmark.

After you cross Seal Beach Blvd, you will find a pedestrians only path that takes you back to the beach and the Pier.  

To get a glimpse into the transit system that used to serve the area, a trip to the Red Car Museum is a must.

At the corner of Main and Electric ave in Downtown, you will find this Red Rail Car - a restored Pacific Electric Railway car. This car's interior houses historical artifacts and is open to the public, and admission is free.