nullI have wanted to try this adventure for a while now but was always hesitant. I was worried that it would be a waste if time or it might be too difficult – always finding an excuse.

I finally went for it in May 2013 with my daughter and we were very glad we did. It is a very thrilling experience that simulates skydiving. The jump takes place inside a closed chamber with a huge propeller in the ground. The propeller creates a strong vertical wind – like a wind tunnel. The skydivers jump into the wind – facing down and the wind pushes them up. But before you can accomplish your skydive you need instructions, equipment, and practice. 

The place is well organized and the staff was knowledgeable. Our guide/instructor stayed with us throughout the whole process. 

First, you will get some verbal instructions and sign some liability release forms. Pay attention to the hand signals as they will come in handy during your flight.

Next, you will be issued a suit, gloves, goggles, earplugs, and helmet. You put them on and practice your stance for the jump. You basically have to look like an X when jumping into the wind and you have to keep your head up. The earplugs are to protect you from the loud fan noise. 

When it is time for your group you will be led into the wind chamber. An observation room is available for non-participants. This is where the rest of my family went to wait and take pictures and videos. 

In the chamber, you take turns jumping in the wind while your guide is helping you float in the air. In the adjacent control room, the operator adjusts the wind speed based on your height and weight. 

nullThe flights/dives were very thrilling and actually very exhausting. I didn’t expect it to be a workout, but it was for me. Younger and more agile kids had an easier time soaring on the wind. To really become good at this you need practice. One session is not enough. I recommend that you try to get a good price on a package that includes the initial session and an extra flight without the instructions. 

The price for a single flight is $85 and for a repeat flight $50. You can also buy a DVD of your flight for $25. 

My family took a lot of pictures and videos of us from the observation room, but the goggles and helmets made it very difficult to see faces and the fast action made most pictures fuzzy. Now I wish I invested in the professional DVD.

The pictures also showed that my suit didn’t fit properly. With the wind pushing up, it made me look like a sumo wrestler. 

I will definitely come back to this place and hopefully, I will convince the rest of my family to try it.

Tip: Before you book your flight go to their website and check the height/weight limitations. If your weight is too high for your height you will not enjoy this adventure as much.

Vega Indoor skydiving

200 Convention Center Dr

Las Vegas, NV 89109