nullA little bit of Las Vegas history, a lot of song and dance and some acrobatics sprinkled in-between - the show had something for everyone. 

The show starts in a graveyard for show props. The narrator takes you on a trip down memory lane to the good old days of Las Vegas' glitzy shows. Your trip starts from the 1940s and goes through the ’50s, ’60s, and 70’s Las Vegas. It ends with a bang with the 80’s era. And yes! No trip down memory lane is complete without an appearance by Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, Frank Sinatra, or Vegas showgirls. 

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nullIf you miss the old-style Las Vegas productions with big band music and scant attire then this show is for you.

I personally don’t enjoy this old style of shows and I admit I don’t like Jazz too much. But in spite of my prejudice, I found the show entertaining. 

In between acts you get to watch a comedian, some acrobats, and a guy with trained parrots. The parrots were especially entertaining. 

One of my favorite parts is a movie clip about the implosions of old Las Vegas casinos set to song and dance.  

nullThe show plays at Planet Hollywood in the Miracle Mile Shops. This is a very convenient location. Before or after the show you can go window shopping or dine at the Spice Market Buffett. 

Most of the seats are good, but if you have a choice, avoid sitting in the first row. It is slightly lower than the stage. This is not ideal for viewing the action.

Make sure to order a frozen margarita from the bar or the barmaids. The strawberry margarita was delicious and large in a souvenir cup. The only drawback is having to wait a long time for the drink to arrive. Check your ticket. Some tickets have a voucher for a free drink.

The show is appropriate for all ages.