Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley, nestled between three mountain ranges, spans 150 miles of fertile terrain. The Willamette River flows its length, and numerous rivers and streams weave through it.

This valley is the backdrop for Oregon's major urban centers, housing 70% of the state's populace, including Portland, Eugene, and the capital, Salem. Discover more about Portland here.

Renowned for its extensive wineries covering 19,000 acres, the Willamette Valley is a wine lover's paradise.

Dahlias near Canby, OregonThe Cascade Mountains are bordering the valley to the east, home to dense forests and cascading waterfalls.

A trip to the valley is incomplete without experiencing the natural beauty of Silver Falls State Park, its falls, and hiking trails.

To fully appreciate the region, start your day with a waterfall hike in the morning, followed by a wine tasting journey among the valley's 500+ wineries.

Exploring Willamette: A Guided Tour Experience

Coelho WineryMy memorable adventure with Evergreen Escapes on their “Willamette Valley Wine & Waterfalls” Tour was an experience of a lifetime, thanks to our knowledgeable guide, Adam Sawyer, an author of travel guides.

Marvels of Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State ParkOur journey began with a morning visit to Silver Falls State Park, exploring three magnificent waterfalls, distinct from those in the Columbia River Gorge due to their formation from cooling lava flows.

The park features a trail connecting 10 waterfalls over 8 miles, though time allowed us to visit just three, including the mesmerizing North Falls and Lower South Falls.

Lower South FallsLower South Falls offers a unique trail leading into a ravine behind the waterfall, offering a spectacular view from behind the water's curtain.

Our exploration was complemented by our guide's preparation of French Press Coffee, a delightful touch to our outdoor adventure.

Experience the splendor of Silver Falls State Park through this captivating video.

The Wine Country Adventure

Wine CountryFollowing the waterfall exploration, we ventured into the serene wine country.

Our first stop, Coelho Winery, provided a delightful picnic lunch from a local Portland eatery, setting the stage for an afternoon of wine exploration. While the Pinot was modest, the experience was enriching.

At Brooks Wines, we were introduced to Gerry, a wine expert who shared fascinating insights into the winery's history and the nuances of wine tasting, enhancing our visit significantly.

Our wine journey concluded at Winter's Hill Winery, where the wines were as pleasing as the picturesque setting, complemented by their locally produced hazelnuts, chocolates, and honey.

The tour with Evergreen Escapes stands out as a highlight of my Portland visit, and I eagerly anticipate my next adventure with them.

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