Illuminate at the Start“Illuminate” exploded on the scene as a finalist on America’s Got Talent and then took the world by a storm.

In Las Vegas, Illuminate plays at the Stratosphere tower with several show times every day. The ticket prices are more reasonable than the big-ticket shows.

The performance uses customized LED suits with wireless lighting programs that create extraordinary lighting effects that move along with the choreographed dance moves and the hurt-pounding music.

We reserved our seats several weeks in advance and landed a premium spot at a VIP booth with an excellent view of the stage.

Illuminate at the StartThe show was high energy, with popular tunes playing and the performers prancing around the stage and among the audience. All the loud music and thumping bass made me want to get up and dance with the performers – but I restrained myself. 

The choreographed dance with the LED lights was brilliant. I love technology, but the marriage of art and technology was spectacular. 

The team put together a show that paid homage to all music genres. they managed to fit in pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, and rap. 

I highly recommend this show for the whole family, and you can make it a dinner and show night by visiting Top of the World restaurant with great food and a stunning view of Las Vegas from the Top.