Jurassic Quest - AnaheimWhen I saw the announcement for the Jurassic Quest exhibition, I was excited. We get to see animatronic Dynos in their natural habitat.

I bought tickets for the family and waited anxiously for our allotted day and time – which happened to be the first day of 2022.

On that day, we arrived early at the convention center but got stuck in a long line of cars waiting to enter the car park. We eventually paid the parking fee of $20, parked, and headed to the exhibit.

The entry into the hall was exhilarating, with many types of dinosaurs arrayed on both sides of the pathway.

Jurassic Quest - AnaheimWe saw giant herbivores like the Sauropods and triceratops, and we saw the terrifying T-Rex.

In the ancient oceans exhibit, we gazed upon the behemoth Megalodon and some whale precursors.

The exhibit also had several areas for younger children. In one place, kids can dig for dino fossils. While at another, they can get a temporary tattoo or create some dino art.

If you are brave enough, you can take a ride on a dinosaur. And of course, you can spend your money on souvenirs.

Jurassic Quest - AnaheimWhile this kind of exhibit is a great educational and entertainment idea, it left something to be desired.

Many of the exhibits were so dark you could barely see the dinos, and there was a huge empty area in the middle that could have been used for more exhibits or activities.

To keep the crowd limited due to Covid, we had to select a time slot of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. We were done with the whole exhibit in 45 minutes.

To be fair, families with young children would probably need the whole time to experience the activities and the rides.

The exhibit is traveling around the country. You can see a full schedule here.