Merlin Magic Dinner and ShowI am always looking for fun family places, and visiting dinner theaters is always a great idea. We have gone to amusement parks, museums, and hikes, so where do we go?

Many of our friends talked about dinner theaters, and we visited one of them long ago, so we decided to explore the dinner shows in our area.

Two of my favorite Dinner Theaters are Medieval Times and Pirates Dinner Adventure. Read more about them below.

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Traveler Tip: When visiting dinner theaters, it's best to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show starts to get good seats and enjoy the pre-show entertainment.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times offers a unique experience where you can step back in time and enjoy a jousting tournament and feast. The knights on horseback, sword fights, and falconry displays are truly mesmerizing.

Interesting Fact: Medieval Times is inspired by an 11th-century feast and tournament. Each castle is designed to look like an authentic medieval castle with a rich history.

Going to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament felt like stepping back in time to an age of castles, kings, knights, stallions, battles of honor and chivalry, and great duels to the death. If you enjoy movies like The Sword in the Stone or shows like Merlin, you will feel at home in this medieval 11th-century castle. 

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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure is another thrilling option. This dinner theater features an 18th-century Spanish galleon replica and offers an interactive pirate show. The acrobatics, special effects, and captivating storylines make it an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Traveler Tip: Check for special promotions and discounts on tickets for groups or during off-peak times. This can help you save money while enjoying a fantastic evening.

The main show was great and interactive. There were lots of sword and gunfights, acrobatics, high jumps and dives, and mutiny. Also, to settle a dispute between pirates, the captain announced races.  

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