Imaginarium 1 This holiday season, my family and I embarked on an enchanting journey to the heart of the Imaginarium at Pomona Fairplex.

This festive destination transformed the familiar grounds into a luminous wonderland, teeming with spectacular light displays and captivating shows.

As we wandered through the expansive exhibition, the air was filled with popular Christmas songs, and the spirit of the season was palpable among the throngs of families.

Dazzling Displays at the Imaginarium

Imaginarium 1 The Imaginarium's spellbinding allure began with its array of light displays, each with its unique theme and story.

The "Frozen Forest" was a standout, a mesmerizing array of white and blue lights that simulated a winter's walk through a frost-kissed woodland.

The "Candy Cane Lane" featured red and white lights intertwined to create a whimsical path, while the "Dancing Lights Show" was a synchronized light performance set to holiday tunes, creating a dynamic and unforgettable spectacle.

Amidst the cool California night, we encountered a delightful surprise: man-made snow! Though not abundant enough to have a significant impact, it was a thrill to watch kids playing in this rare winter experience.

A central snow-play area could have enhanced this feature considerably.

Captivating Shows and Entertainment

Imaginarium 4 Beyond the lights, the Imaginarium hosted a variety of shows. The "Winter Circus" featured acrobats and performers in glittering costumes, and "Santa's Storytime" was a hit with the younger visitors, where Santa read holiday tales by a cozy fireplace.

Dining at Cruizer's Cafe

Although the event advertised several food options, choices seemed limited. We settled on Cruizer's Café, offering an interesting mix of Asian and Mexican cuisine with dishes like rice bowls, noodle bowls, and loaded nachos.

The food was typical for such events—acceptable but not extraordinary. The main drawback was the lack of seating, resulting in us enjoying our dinner standing up.

Final Impressions and Visitor Tips

Imaginarium 5While we relished the festive atmosphere and dazzling lights, this visit felt like a one-time experience. Improvements, particularly in dining options, could make a significant difference for future visits.

For those planning to visit the Imaginarium, here are some tips:

  • Plan Your Visit in Advance: Visit the website for details on dates, times, and tickets ([Imaginarium Website](
  • Arrive Early: To enjoy the experience fully and find better parking.
  • Restroom Locations: Only available in the parking lots before entering.
  • Dress Appropriately: It's an outdoor event, so dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Visit the 'Under-the-Sea' Area: A unique experience with mermaids and sea creatures, located away from the main attractions.
  • Be Prepared for Queues: Expect lines, especially at special display tents.

Overall, the Imaginarium offered a festive and visually stunning experience, with room for improvements in certain areas.


1101 W McKinley Ave, Gate Number 17, Pomona, CA 91768