nullDowntown Seattle is a hodge-podge of old and new, trendy and laid back. The best way to enjoy this medley of sights and sounds is to just start walking. See the main Seattle page here.

If you are new to Seattle, try to join a walking tour or a food tasting tour to learn from local experts.

 I went on the “Taste Pike Place” tour with Show Me Seattle the very first day I arrive in Seattle. It was a great way to learn about one of the most well-known attractions in town and to taste some delicious food.

nullMarcia, our guide, was very friendly and knowledgeable. We spent more than 3 hours learning about the Pike’s history, people and shops and ended up tasting food from 13 different places.

Interesting Facts: Pike Place market is about 9 acres big with 24 buildings and 240 small businesses

The food choices were excellent and filling. During this tour, we got to try Seafood, donuts, snacks, chowder, and dessert. My favorites were:

nullDaily Dozen Doughnuts: A small kiosk that creates great doughnuts every day. I loved their sugar-coated and caramel.

Tip: Most visitors only discover the top level, which runs along Pike Street and Pike Place. Don’t be a tourist. Go deeper into the market and down the stair to discover more shops and restaurants.

Saffron Spice: This Indian cuisine kiosk offers delicious traditional dishes like Samosa, curry chicken, and vegetable wraps. We tried several Samosa with different fillings and a spicy sauce.

nullRub with Love Shack: This place has a large variety of American sandwiches like Cheesesteak, Salmon Burgers, Toasted Turkey, and Grilled Cheese. We tried the salmon burger and it was very tasty.

Honest Biscuits: This is a place specialized in fresh biscuits with a variety of fillings. The biscuits are always fresh out of the oven and fluffy. The fillings are locally sourced from Pike Place shops.

Pike Place Chowder: You can’t miss this award-winning chowder restaurant. Their New England Chowder was amazing.

Interesting Facts: Rachel the Piggy Bank is located beneath the Public Market Clock and Sign at the corner of Pike Place and actually makes money for the market foundation.

nullEllenos Greek Yogurt: A great snack or dessert. This place offers Greek yogurt made with locally sourced fresh ingredients. You get to try it before you buy it. My favorite was the Marionberry Pie.

We also had great street tacos at Los Agave, tried some smoked Salmon at Pacific Seafood, and some dried fruit at Supply the Best. Food was only a part of the tour. We also visited “Seattle’s Pub and Brewery”, watched fishmongers throw fish around, and visited a nice rooftop garden maintained by the local vendors.

Interesting Facts: The market foundation does not allow chain stores in the area, but Starbucks was grandfathered in because it started as a unique coffee store.

nullOne of the buildings at Pike Place is dedicated to arts and crafts. Here you can find locals selling their handmade creations. Everywhere you go you can enjoy the street performers (also known as Buskers). You can listen to some guitar players, singers and classical musicians.

I really enjoyed my tour with Show Me Seattle and would recommend it to anyone new to Pike Place Market.