Disney World - Epcot - Animal Kingdom - Pandora - Wikipedia by Jedi94Disney’s zoological park is the only place in the world where you can go on an animal safari through time and fantasy – without leaving home.

The park is considered the largest theme park in the world with 580 acres of land dedicated to a natural environment and animal conservation with a Disney twist.

The fun and learning happen in 7 distinct areas:

The Oasis

The Oasis is the main entrance to the animal kingdom with lush vegetation, streams, waterfalls, a few animal exhibits, and stores.

Discovery Island 

Disney World - Epcot - Animal Kingdom - Safari - Wikipedia by LoadmasterThe island is the main hub connecting to all the other areas with bridges. It is home to the Tree of Life, which is a huge representation of the baobab tree. At night, the tree comes alive with beautiful colors. As you walk around, you will pass by several animal exhibits and many shops and restaurants.

Pandora – The World of Avatar

The newest area in the park allows visitors to walk into the fantasy world of Pandora, based on the Avatar Movie. Along with the stunning plants and rock formation, you get to go on two thrill rides: Avatar Flight of Passage, a 3D flying simulator, and Na'vi River Journey, a dark ride boat attraction.

Avatar Flight of Passage

Animal Kingdom - Avatar Flight of Passage - by Theme Park Tourist - wikimediaThis virtual reality ride simulates riding on the back of a Banshee and flying around Pandora. 

Before the ride, we had to watch 2 videos. The first video was purely instructional and told us what to do, and that was followed by a safety lecture and we were matched up with our avatars.  The second video explained why the banshees are important to Pandora, along with telling us what we should expect. 

As we entered the ride, everyone was given his own vehicle that he straddles like a bicycle. Once we were fastened in and wearing our 3D glasses, the banshees flew us all around Pandora.  

It felt like we were actually flying. It was a mixture of riding on a roller coaster and paragliding at the same time.  The visual effects were absolutely stunning and made us feel as if we were actually flying over the planet, which made this a thrilling experience. 

See the video below or click here.

Na’vi River Journey

To cool off in the warm months, take this raft ride down the river and through the dark Pandoran jungle with glowing bioluminescent plants. Along the way observed the exotic animals on this mythical planet.   


In this simulated African village, the main attraction is the Kilimanjaro Safaris where Disney World - Epcot - Animal Kingdom - Africa - Wikipedia by Jennifer Lynnyou climb aboard an open-sided vehicle for an expedition through the African savanna, rivers, and rocky hills. During this safari, you will visit the wild African animals in their natural habitat. Back in the village, you can enjoy some more animal exhibits, shops, and shows.

Rafiki's Planet Watch 

You can take a train to this area from “Africa” and learn about animal habitats, how Disney takes care of the wildlife, and spend some time at the petting zoo.


Enter the mythical kingdom of Anandapur, which blends the cultures of Cambodia, Disney World - Animal Kingdom - Asia - Komodo - Dragon - Wikipedia by LoadmasterIndia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, and Thailand. In the Himalayas region, take a rollercoaster ride through the forbidden mountain and try to avoid the Yeti or enjoy a thrilling ride through the Kali River Rapids.

DinoLand USA: Enter the land of Dinos and other prehistoric animals and enjoy rides, games, and shows. The area is home to Dinosaur (a dark thrill ride), Primeval Whirl (a spinning roller coaster), the TriceraTop (carousel ride), and Finding Nemo – The Musical.