Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign By Russell Mondy Nestled in the expansive Griffith Park, one of America's largest urban parks, my hike to the iconic Hollywood Sign was an adventure blending urban exploration with natural wonder. 

Starting from the end of Beachwood Drive, this trail through Griffith Park offered a unique combination of Los Angeles' urban backdrop and its wilder side.

Griffith Park, sprawling over 4,300 acres, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts in the heart of LA. It boasts a network of trails, picturesque viewpoints, and rich biodiversity. 

Family Getaway to Las Vegas

Family Getaway

Entertainment Capital of the WorldLas Vegas, often known as the "Entertainment Capital of the World" might not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a family getaway with kids. However, beyond its dazzling lights and vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas offers a surprising array of family-friendly activities that can turn your visit into an unforgettable adventure for both young and old.

When my kids were younger, we took the plunge and spent a few days exploring the wonders of Las Vegas, and we weren’t disappointed.

Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas - ROCK OF AGESEverywhere you go on the Strip, you will see huge electronic billboards announcing shows and attractions. Take your pick from magic shows, standup comedy, dancing showgirls, daredevils, impressionists, ventriloquists, and celebrity singers. Some shows are for adults only, but there are a lot of shows that are geared towards the whole family. Most shows are pricey, but you can get good deals from the Internet (like Groupon) or discount ticket booths like Tix4Tonight.

Rocky Mountains NP Tour

Denver Rocky Mountains - by James St John - WikimediaWhen I decided to visit Denver, the mile-high city, I expected to see forests, rivers, and snow-covered mountains, but I was disappointed when I landed. 

Denver, at first glance, looked like any other major city in the USA, with urban sprawl, a city center with tall buildings, and a sprinkle of parks. 

But my disappointment was short-lived as I explored this beautiful city and the Majestic Rockies a short drive away.
You can read more about Denver here, but this page is dedicated to the splendor of The Rocky Mountains National Park.

The park spans the Continental Divide and encompasses protected mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and alpine tundra. 

Jordan - The Desert Kingdom

nullJordan, throughout history was a crossroad between east and west. Ancient roads through the desert connected civilizations like the Greeks, Nabataeans, Romans and more recent states like the Umayyads and the Ottomans.

In modern days, Jordan still strives to connect western style economy and culture to more traditional Arab and Muslim values. The result is an eclectic melding of cultures that makes this desert kingdom unique in the world. 

Another great attraction for visitors is the political stability in Jordan. The Kingdom is one of the few Arab states that remain peaceful and inviting. Another big attraction is the temperate weather. It is not as warm as the Gulf States and not as cold as most of Europe.