Area15 Las VegasJust a mile west of the iconic Las Vegas Strip lies a world of immersive experiences and artistic wonders: Area15. This experiential retail and entertainment complex, a joint venture between Fisher Brothers and Beneville Studios, showcases the evolution of entertainment in the heart of Sin City.

According to the promoters, Area15 does not exist, so enter at your own risk!

Unveiling the Enigma of Area15

Mega Mart Las VegasFrom the outside, Area15's design might appear minimalistic. As Michael Beneville explains, they aimed for subtlety rather than competing with the glitz of the casinos. However, once inside, visitors are met with a myriad of attractions.

The central hall, dubbed "The Spine," is a neon-lit spectacle housing various tenants. Among them is the highly-praised Meow Wolf's Omega Mart, a primary draw for many visitors.

Beyond Omega Mart, Area15 boasts a range of attractions. Guests can enjoy arcade games, zipline over The Spine, explore museums, play virtual golf, try their hand at axe throwing, or experience the thrill of a Grand Prix Simulator. And for those looking for an extraterrestrial experience, LiftOff outside the building offers drinks and a UFO ride.

You can find more experiences at the official Area15 website here.

Meow Wolf's Omega Mart: Rethinking the Grocery Store

Mega Mart Las VegasOmega Mart is far from your average grocery store. Managed by the experiential art collective Meow Wolf, this 52,000 sq ft interactive art exhibit provides a quirky twist on everyday shopping.

Over 325 artists collaborated on this project, which welcomed visitors for the first time on February 18, 2021. 

Omega Mart stands as a testament to Meow Wolf's three and a half years of detailed planning and their dedication to crafting a unique experience.

Mega Mart Las VegasOne of the standout features of Omega Mart is its array of portals that whisk visitors away to otherworldly dimensions. Hidden behind freezer doors, beneath shelves, and within seemingly ordinary passages, guests are transported to surreal landscapes, from neon-lit forests to barren desert wastelands. Each realm connects to the broader story, presenting fragments of a puzzle for visitors to assemble.

After perusing the store's regular aisles, our journey led us through a dim, tight crawl space, revealing a breathtaking alternate universe filled with enigmas. 

Visitors can choose their adventure be it a casual observer admiring the exhibits or a detective piecing together the backstory of this peculiar place.

We opted for the former, taking in the vibrant art, exploring the mysterious rooms on the upper level, and uncovering secret passages. Our exploration lasted about an hour, but those diving deeper into the mysteries might find themselves engrossed for longer.

One visit might not suffice to uncover all the secrets of this enchanting place. A return trip to Area15 is certainly on our agenda.