Las Vegas - Marvel Avengers Station My daughter and I are fans of everything Marvel. We both enjoyed the comics growing up and we watched every Marvel Universe movie that came out.

So we were thrilled to find out about Marvel Avengers Station located inside Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

The exhibit was touted as an interactive experience, so our expectations were high. Although it was fascinating to walk through the various rooms, observe the artifacts, watch movie clips, and press a few buttons, the interactions were very minimal.

As you enter the station, you will be greeted by your guide, who is supposed to explain the Las Vegas - Marvel Avengers Station mission and help you get going. Our guide did not provide any instruction and omitted to mention the companion app for the experience.

We still enjoyed walking through the exhibits showcasing Marvel characters like Captain America, the Hulk, Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, and Spiderman.

Some of the exhibits had interactive screens and buttons to push to get some reaction. I will leave those for you to discover.

Las Vegas - Marvel Avengers Station One of my favorites was trying to pull Thor’s Hammer off the ground. Of course, it did not yield to me.

Another favorite – and slightly disturbing experience - was walking through a corridor with an army of ants scampering between our feet.

The finale was supposed to be a shooting session on a large screen showing all the Marvel heroes.

After a short training session with our weapons, we were let lose trying to help the heroes to get the villains. 

I was disappointed. The weapons were useless. The whole thing was staged, and no matter how hard you tried, the scenario played out without any help from you - what a waste of time.

Despite the limited interactivity, we still enjoyed the exhibits, but it is a one-time event. Not worth a repeat. Also, try not to pay a full price for this activity. You can always find coupons at Websites like Yelp or Groupon.