null I heard about this place from a friend and at first, I was reluctant to go. Do I really want to go play in the dirt again?

It turned out that I actually do. It was great fun to learn how to operate a huge excavator and proceed to dig a big hole in the ground.  

We started with instructions at the office. The staff were very friendly and informative. Once everyone learned the dos and don’ts we headed out to the big dirt field and mounted our excavators. Once we were in, we received additional hands-on instructions through radio headsets. 

nullOur first task was to dig a deep trench. We had lots of fun moving the arm up and down and using the big jaws to “eat” the dirt. It is an amazing experience to be controlling this huge machine.

The second task was to pick up 4 huge tires, move them to another spot and stack them on top of each other.

At the end we played a game with the excavators. We had to pick basketballs with the mouth of the machine and drop it into a tire. 

nullI really loved this experience and will go back to try the bulldozer next time. This experience is appropriate for all ages, but due to insurance restrictions, they can only allow adults on the machines.  I think they should get an exception for teens with driver licenses. 

Oh! And make sure you are sober before you go. They will make you breathe through a Breathalyzer.